Non-privatized apartment: how to exchange a living space

You will need
  • - statement;
  • - resolution;
  • - notarized consent;
  • - contract of employment (order);
  • - passport (birth certificate);
  • - exchange agreement;
  • - renewal of the employment contract.
To exchange public housing, notify the owner in writing. In the application of the established sample indicate the reasons for the exchange. You must also present your passport, cadastral extracts, rental agreement or warrant, extract from the house register, act of the commission on the sanitary condition of the apartment, notarized consent of all persons registered in the living space for the exchange procedure.
You can search for suitable exchange options on your own or contact a real estate agency. You have the right to exchange apartments with tenants of municipal property from another locality, but the entire exchange must take place within the territory of the Russian Federation.
Your documents will be considered by the interdepartmental commission.For housing that you have found for the exchange, you must submit the same documents in copies and originals.
The exchange of municipal housing is allowed only in those cases if the housing conditions registered on the received housing space do not deteriorate, if you have never been sued to terminate the contract of employment due to non-payment for housing, if the exchange transaction is not fictitious or self-serving. The exchange is not allowed if the house is emergency, subject to demolition or overhaul.
Based on the consideration of your case on the exchange of municipal housing, the commission will draw up an act and issue a resolution that permits or prohibits the exchange. If an exchange is prohibited to you, then you can appeal against the actions of the interdepartmental commission in the manner prescribed by law.
If a resolution is issued permitting the exchange, the direct exchange is made by drawing up an agreement with registration in the FUHRC.
New tenants must renew the contract of employment with the homeowner, presenting a passport, birth certificate of children, a statement.

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