Pig-iron frying pan without carbon! There are 8 ways to solve the problem.

I consider the cast iron frying pan to be the most convenient for frying. Heat is evenly distributed in it, the products do not burn, and she is not afraid of scratches (unlike, for example, Teflon). Sometime in the old days, our mothers and grandmothers used mostly cast-iron dishes - heavy, requiring to know some details when caring for it, but very reliable and durable.

Of course, modern women have long been accustomed to using pans and pots made of aluminum or stainless steel. However, those who accidentally discovered an old cast-iron skillet at home should not be thrown away at all! (Even if it's creepy). Which by the way, is considered quite harmful substance. It has the property of evaporating substances, which increases the risk of developing cancer.

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