Ninth went: Mel Gibson became father at 61

The seventh son of a Hollywood star was presented by his current beloved 26-year-old Rosalind Ross, a writer and screenwriter. She is an American, from the age of 9 she was engaged in gymnastic and acrobatic exercises on a horse, became one of the best in her business, having won the champion title. However, the equestrian sport decided to sacrifice for the sake of its development in the film industry. Rosalind met the future father of her son in search of a job as a screenwriter when she came to the Gibson production company for an interview. The actor fell in love instantly. And very soon he invited a young screenwriter on a romantic trip to Costa Rica, where he owned a huge and luxurious resort complex. Then Mel took the beauty to the new tour already in Panama. The press did not immediately believe in the seriousness of the artist's feelings for the next burning brunette, but how much time Rosalind spent with him suggested the opposite. Gibson took a new girl not only to rest, she was near and during filming.Two years later, their first child was born from their first meeting. For Ross, he is the first, for Gibson, who recently hit 61 years old, is the ninth.

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