New harmful tips

New harmful tipsBad advice for all kids!

There are collected new harmful tips that are not recommended for self-implementation, recommend to others and laugh together. It helps to improve your mood and the people around you. The rest of the site contains extremely useful material. Here is a small selection of “bad advice” for all occasions:


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1. That everything "was in chocolate". If a black stripe has come in your life and you want to somehow correct the situation and improve your mood, take a pack of expensive chocolate unpacked to bed. It will be night and in the morning everything will be in chocolate, starting with the bed and ending with you. And the night wraps with chocolate will charge you with a good mood for the next long hours of cleaning and washing.


2. Music on the street. Getting in the morning to work by the stalls selling audio and video tapes, you can often hear modern dance music that causes a desire to dance. Do not be shy about your desire and start dancing.You will be in a great mood not only, but also the spectators around you, hurrying past the passers-by and emergency doctors.


3 bad advice. Ride in transport. If you were able to sit on a free seat on the bus and your hands are free from heavy bags, try some useful exercises. For example, it may be different shapes, coupled from the fingers of both hands. Just do them need to raise your hands to the face, his or someone else's. This exercise will not only strengthen your hands, but it will also be pleasant to surprise you with how much free space on the bus and which around sympathetic people. These exercises can also be practiced in a queue in any public place.


4. Lunch at the restaurant. If at lunchtime you hit the restaurant, and the waiter stubbornly avoids your table side - do not despair. You can have a good time, having fun with objects on the table. For flowers and other figures called "origami" paper napkins are perfect. A napkin airplane, successfully launched into a glass at the next table, will charge the dismal atmosphere of the restaurant with enthusiasm, gaiety and a dress of the PPS.


Napkins made of cloth can serve as material for creating little men who look like a waiter. In extreme cases, on a napkin, you can tie knots in the memory for the waiter. Toothpicks can be used to create and solve puzzles on shifting sticks from place to place. Also remember that toothpicks can be cleaned not only in the teeth, but also in the ears or under the nails. In general, combine business with pleasure.


Standing on the table jars for spices must be sure to open and smell. So you will know where this or that spice is located. And sneezing from pepper or mustard will cause others to wish you health. And if you mention that “your favorite piggy died the other day and you, probably, got infected from it,” then an occasion to wish yourself health will appear at the neighboring tables.


5 harmful advice. How to drink a cocktail. If after work you jumped into the bar to drink a couple of cocktails and you were served with an umbrella, berries and a straw - arrange a show of bubbles and gurgling. And when the drink will slightly cover the bottom of the glass, try to finish it with a noise as much as possible through the straw so that the bartender can prepare another portion of the drink in time.Everyone knows that a straw like other glass decorations serve just for such entertainment that can cheer up all visitors, otherwise no one would bother them.


6. Visiting the supermarket. After a couple of cocktails at the bar, you can drop by on the way home with a friend to a nearby supermarket. And passing by the yawning security guard, one can casually mention the breathtakingly delicious sausage stolen here yesterday (caviar, fish, champagne, brandy, etc.). Believe that after these words, attentive sellers will hand over you until you leave the store entrusted to them with your purchases.

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