New beauty trend - pictures on lips

Have you seen the famous engraving by Katsushiki Hokusai, the “Big Wave in Kanagawa”? Let's clarify a bit, did you see it ... on your lips? Makeup artist Andrea Reed eternal red lipstick and a hint of ripe plum, which will be popular next fall, are depressing. She uses her lips as a canvas of paper to which everything can be transferred — the wasp cells, and the pixels, the sheet structure, and a huge wave that threatens to absorb everything in its path. All that is needed for this is not paints, but the most ordinary brushes, lipstick, pencils and glitters. Each of her new beauty products is uploaded by the makeup artist to Instagram - @girlgreybeauty, where she already has over 100,000 subscribers, including Nicki Minaj, a fan of everything extravagant and crazy.

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