Never Cheer up: Maria Sharapova on the Beach

In everything, no matter what happens, you need to look for pros. That's Maria Sharapova after the doping scandal (the meldonia in the blood cost the athlete not only the removal from the court, contracts with Nike, TAG Heuer and Porsche worth more than $ 100 million, but the most important thing - reputation) did not close the whole world at home, regretting yourself, and ... I saw the opportunity to finally relax! It is not known when, with all the tournaments and competitions, the tennis player would have managed to lie on the beach like this, laying out in Instagram frames, from which the expectation of the summer becomes even more unbearable. So the next time, when life slips you lemons, remember Maria Sharapova and the best antidepressants: waves and a sun-drenched beach.

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