Napkin rings with your own hands

When we are preparing for the arrival of guests, we always want to arrange a warm welcome for them. So it would be desirable to surprise the people close to us not only with delicious food, but also with the original table setting. The hostesses take out the most beautiful dishes, prepare their own crown dishes and try to make the most of the holiday atmosphere to the evening. Familiar? Then, if you, like me, like to surprise guests, then this master class can be useful to you. Today I will show you how to give the table brightness and sophistication. We will make napkin rings - a small attribute of a festive table that will greatly decorate your evening and make the table truly elegant.
 Napkin rings
Ready to go ? Let's prepare the necessary tools and items: - cardboard tube - satin fabric - glue - lace - pencil - ruler - scissors - threads - needle - beads - ribbons for decoration First you need to decide on the width of the ring. It all depends on your desire, the width can be from 3 to 6-7 cm. I will make 5 cm. We measure it with a ruler 5 cm and cut off the ring. It will be more convenient to cut it with a knife, but I cut it with scissors.
Measure the atlas segment with a length equal to the circumference of the ring + 5 mm for the seam allowance, and twice the width of the ring.
 Measuring the atlas segment
Glue Moment I paste a single edge of the atlas from the inside of the ring. This is a little inconvenient to do, but have patience and glue the fabric straight. Instead of glue Moment, you can take a silicone gun. This, as they say, to whom it is convenient.
 glue the fabric exactly
Then gently paste the second edge of the fabric to the inside of the ring. If the seam is not very neat, you can glue the tape on top. But it is optional. I do not do this.Here is a ringlet turned out.
 glue tape
We measure lace. Its width is 5 cm, this is exactly what I need, the length is equal to the circumference of the ring + 5 mm for the seam allowance.
 We measure the lace
I put glue along the edges of the ring on the front side and neatly gluing the lace.
 neatly sticking lace
Now we need to close the butt of the lace. To do this, make a ribbon of ribbons. I have a chocolate-colored satin, so I will take the chocolate and cream ribbon. Measure out a piece of chocolate-colored tape 10 cm long. Bend the tape in half, measure the middle and glue the ends of the tape to the fold of the tape.
 glue the ends of the tape
Do the same the most with a cream-colored ribbon, but we measure it 2 cm shorter so that the bow is smaller.
Sticking a white bow to brown and sew a bead with threads. Here is a finished bow.
ready-made bow
We paste the ribbon along the joint of the lace on the ring.The ring is ready, side view.
 Glue the bow along
There are a lot of serving options. Here are 2 of them.
 Serving options
 Serving options
Yes, and there may be too many options for making the rings themselves. It all depends on what you find in the bins at home. Here, for example, rings made on the same principle as described in the master class, but using different lace and contrasting bows. Widths of rings 4 and 3 cm.
 Width of rings
These rings are also plastered with lace, but different in texture. The ring is covered with ribbons under the lace.
 pasted over with lace
Here is a ring pasted over with 2 rows of laces. It seems to me, it looks very elegant, especially if you have a lace tablecloth.
 looks very elegant
This is how a narrow ring looks on a napkin,ring width 3 cm.
 Napkin Rings
Rings pasted over with ribbons and lace on top, 3 cm wide ring.
Napkin Rings
Contrast of different ribbons by color and texture.  Napkin rings
And, finally, rings , pasted over with satin and ribbons.
Napkin rings
These rings will also help you in the design of stylized parties. They can be made in one color and not limited to ribbons. It all depends on your imagination!

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