Named the most favorite color in the world

30 thousand people from more than 100 countries of the world participated in the online voting of the British company GF Smith, which is engaged in the production and development of paper, and chose their most favorite color. The blue-green turned out to be the most-most, which was created and proposed by Annie Marrs, a graduate of the art school of the Scottish city of Dundee. The shade she dedicated to the Tay River in her home town was called Marrs Green.

Publication from G. F Smith (@gfsmithpapers)Jul 3 2017 at 1:32 PDT

Why did it win the green, and the deep green-blue color? According to experts, we all lack peace of mind today: in blue we are looking for a feeling of peace, in green - balance. In addition, spending all the time in megalopolises, without taking our eyes off the screens of smartphones, we unknowingly miss nature, and the greenery of forests and the sea depth are reflected in Marrs Green. Do you agree with the choice? What color do you like most?

Publication from G.

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