Naked protest of Cara Calecyne

Cara Delevingne is not such a flimsy and frivolous girl, as we used to think about her. She may still surprise us - for example, by appearing in the I’m Not A Trophy social ad, designed to stop poaching. In the pictures, the nudity of the model and actress covers only the pictures of endangered species of animals that Arno Elias, a photographer and activist, shot. The goal of the project is to stop the trophy hunt for lions, gorillas, leopards and zebras, of which there are only a few left on our planet.

I want to be as useful as possible, and I will do everything to draw attention to the problem of trophy hunting in Africa. I am very proud that I was the ambassador of the first international campaign I’m Not A Trophy, which protects endangered species.

Naked protest of Cara Calecyne
Cara Delevingne

Well, the campaign is definitely worth the respect.

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