My grandmother looks the same: 72-year-old Helen Mirren without makeup

A Hollywood actress posted a snapshot on Instagram and showed what she really looks like. That's what it means to grow old beautifully.

Not all actresses want to grow up naturally, so they resort to various manipulations by cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. But looking at the amazing Helen Mirren, you understand that she is not one of them. The other day, the actress published a selfie on Instagram, where she imitated, as if holding the moon. But it was not this that caught our attention, but the fact that the star in the picture was absolutely without makeup.

Photo: @helenmirren

A large number of deep wrinkles indicates that Helen has never done plastic surgery, otherwise her face would look more toned and without a single fold. Although previously discussed, as if Mirren decided on injections in order to at least slightly reduce the depth of wrinkles. Helen herself in many interviews stated that she is not against plastic surgery, if a woman makes it happier, but she herself does not want to do anything with herself.

Actually with a make-up the actress looks a little differently.Even a small amount of cosmetics allows you to see a Hollywood star in her, and not an ordinary old woman, whom she looks like without a gram of make-up.

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