Moving Paper Toys for Children

We makeMoving toys for childrenfrom thick paper or cardboard. Funny toys of animals that hide their faces by the paws, as in the cartoon "Ice Age", when de Tiger played with the kid in the game "Where is our kid - here he is." Great master class for co-creation in children.

Materials and tools:

  1. templates;
  2. thick paper or cardboard;
  3. 4 copper rivets for each toy;
  4. scissors;
  5. printer;
  6. markers, pencils.

Step 1

Download the templates, print out the printer and cut out all the details. In the marked "X" places make holes.

Step 2

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It's simple, we take all the details and rivets. We collect little animals as shown in the photo using rivets.

Cut the strip of cardboard, fold it "T" form and glue to the head from the back side.She needs to keep a toy.

Step 3

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