Mortgage primary and secondary housing

For many young families, the issue of home purchase is relevant, so you should consider the possibility of a mortgage. The question arises, what kind of housing is better to buy: secondary or in a new building. Experts point out that almost two-thirds of transactions with the secondary market, because when they are looking for a suitable option for making a deal, the secondary market can offer more options “Secondary” housing is different because the apartment will act as collateral for the loan, and the additional risk interest in this case are not charged, as is the case with new buildings.

The undoubted advantage of the mortgage in the secondary market will be the opportunity to move to a new home the next day. This option will be excellent for those who need new housing immediately. Indeed, as soon as the documents are signed and the funds are transferred, you can collect things and move to a new home. However, this does not eliminate the need to make repairs, if the previous tenants did not take care of it.If you buy a living space in a new building, then its condition is usually better.

You can use the services of specialists, for example, Learn information about the developer, choose an interesting option, taking into account the introduction of all modern technologies in construction. At the same time, the "secondary housing" is risky in terms of the fact that after the purchase of the premises there may appear people who will start to claim property (children, grandchildren of the owners). One can defend oneself from such troubles by asking lawyers to check out the entire inside story of an apartment.

Among the disadvantages of primary housing can be noted that it will not be possible to enter there immediately. If you buy a living space in a house that is still being built, you can wait for the settlement and up to two years. Such apartments will be redecorated, and it depends on the buyer's taste whether it will be sufficient. The downside is that until the moment when the apartment is formalized into ownership, the bank can raise rates. However, the price of the “primary” is much lower, on average by one third per square meter, besides, in new buildings there are more varied layouts for apartments, and parking is often present.Banks also note that buyers of housing under construction are more reliable borrowers, they pay the necessary payments more carefully, which means more desirable customers.

When buying a primary housing, you need to pay attention to the documents and building permits, to the land, to pay attention to the reputation of the developer, to find out which banks lend to the complex - reputable banks will not issue a mortgage to a dubious developer.

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