Still have time! Decor ideas that will be relevant in 2018

Interior designers told which techniques can be used and which ones can be forgotten and not repeated.

If this year was very unpredictable and original in terms of embodiment, then the future promises to be more relaxed on all sorts of interior delights. Therefore, experts have identified several trends of the outgoing season, which will be appropriate to look in the following.

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7 trends that can be safely used next year

Chrome elements

Chrome elements are part of household appliances, furniture and other designs and remain at the peak of popularity. And this is not surprising, because metal elements are able to liven up any space, whether it be a tabletop, a kitchen sink or original furniture fittings.


Promising American designer Young Huh, for example, believes that marble and copper will remain in vogue in the upcoming season, and therefore advises to look at these materials when decorating the kitchen and bathroom.White marble, of course, is more in demand and harmoniously looks in any apartment.


Parquet made of precious woods, cabinets, tabletops, chairs and other pieces of furniture, made from untreated (or treated in a special way, which preserves all the original drawings) of wood, remain at the peak of popularity and will be completely appropriate to look in almost any interior.

Pearl shades

In the upcoming season you can safely say goodbye to white and beige shades. No, they don’t go anywhere, they just transform into pearl ones, against which furniture and decorative elements look much more interesting. Therefore, those who are looking forward to when the white (in their opinion, boring) interiors come to something more interesting, can now experiment with gray, diluting it with pearl highlights.

Wall decoration

This all remains relevant, but if you decide on such a step, then you should think it through properly, so that the fashion trend does not turn into a terrible nightmare that spoils the whole look of your home. Walls, for example, can be painted, trite wallpaper with,to revet with decorative panels, tiles (including ones imitating natural stone) or sheets of drywall, and also to decorate with laminate. Why not, if the rest of the interior will support the general idea and will be designed in the same style.

Tile apron

A kitchen apron in the coming year will be fashionable to arrange tiles, especially white. After all, the snow-white tile with seams in tone looks strictly and very stylish. In addition, it is perfectly combined with wooden and metal structures.

Functions "smart home"

Gadgets have long been firmly established in our lives, so it’s stupid to give up those opportunities that promise us the functions of a “smart home”. And you will have more time that you can spend on yourself or your family.

3 trends that should be forgotten like a bad dream


Any antique elements definitely worth leaving in the past year. Lovers of all the Greco-Roman elements need to think that all this "antiquity" has a place in the museum, but not in the new interior.

Oversized furniture

Large furniture with original elements or frilly upholstery should also remain in the past.It is replaced by simple forms and natural materials.

Matt surfaces

There is nothing more depressing than fingerprints or other dirt that remains on matte surfaces as soon as you touch them. This makes the whole interior sloppy and miserable.

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