Mirrors with a secret: always stylish and comfortable

In addition to the main purpose of the mirror can be endowed with additional functionality. Effectively fitting into the rooms, decorated in various styles, they are an integral part of a well-designed interior. You can always choose a mirror in full accordance with your needs, without depriving yourself of the pleasure of having a little secret.

What secrets are kept mirrors

Just look at this trendy, stylish accessory. In appearance, this is a simple mirror without frills, but the filling is beyond all praise.

No wonder the creators of Les M called his Precious, which in literal translation means "jewel". Retractable drawers on the one hand and a strap with hooks on the other allow you to conveniently place diverse decorations, and if you want, even cosmetics, hiding it all from prying eyes.

Designers took care of that the mirror fit into the decoration of rooms with different design options.

Retractable system may look like this.

Behind an ordinary mirror you can hide a niche with everything you need: from cosmetics to medicines.

And this is not just a mirror, but a real safe.

You can always find a mirror with a secret for rooms designed in different styles.

If you wish, you can hide not only a closet or dressing room behind the mirror, but also a full room.

Mirror, which has become a reliable storage for the ironing board.

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