Mint color in the interior

Mint color in the interiorMint is the color of freshness, natural foliage and a cool Mojito cocktail. It is used not only in clothes, but also in the interior. Traction to the shades of this kind is explicable: our life has become dynamic, we are constantly in a hurry somewhere, under stress, worried and annoyed.

And the mint color helps to relax, soothes the eyes, reminds of our youth, spring and gives a feeling of lightness. That is why designers began to decorate houses, apartments and public institutions, using the "mint". Is this color appropriate in a home interior? How to apply and combine? You will learn about this in our article.

We understand the mint

Mint is a shade of light green color, diluted with blue paint. It can be obtained by mixing blue with various green shades or diluting dark green with white. You can clearly see on the palette below. To make a soft and warm color, you should use more blue, and adding aquamarine - get a cool shade.

What do you associate mint with? Surely with the summer or spring, the sun and youth.That is why the walls painted with mint paint create the illusion of coolness in the summer, and in the fall they will be charged with positive and freshness. By the way, this particular shade soothes the psyche, it is not for nothing that the walls of kindergartens and hospitals are painted in mint. Designers believe that this color can soothe, create a feeling of safety and comfort, therefore, recommend using it in children's rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Objects in this color seem old, lost brightness. The hue is ideal for creating a retro image of the apartment.

And so, many people try to use the mint color in the interior, because it is absolutely not annoying and does not bother the owners. In the apartment you can use the mint color as the main color, or you can put several objects or parts in the room.Mint color in the interior

The combination of mint color in the interior

Selecting wallpaper and furniture, remember that mint perfectly combines with emerald, coniferous and turquoise hues. Perfect white and white color, which will create a noticeable contrast. Especially elegant it will look in the bathroom in combination with cream furniture.You can also combine with it blue, purple, purple, green, gold and chocolate shades. For decoration of the kitchen or hallway, use a combination with metallic. So you will always have a feeling of freshness and purity.

Remember that in an apartment your eyes should rest. Therefore, in no case do not combine this natural shade with a bright red color or bright wallpaper with a screaming pattern, as well as with black huge cabinets. The best color will look in bright rooms with white furniture.

Look at the photo. Here the bathroom is framed in mint dark shades, playing with white walls. Furniture can be beige or gray.
Mint color in the interior

The next picture shows a bedroom. The walls blend beautifully with dark green carpet, linens and light parquet. Visually the room seems bigger. From black furniture can be seen only a chair.

Mint color in the interior

It shows the kitchen in mint tones. Please note that the mint shade of the furniture is quite light. Mint furniture goes well with pink walls and white chairs. Agree, it will be pleasant to gather the whole family in such a tender romantic kitchen and drink some tea from china mint dishes.

Mint color in the interior

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