Mini bouquet of daisies

Chamomile - the most delicate and incredibly beautiful flowers. Yellow center, white petals and juicy greens are important characteristics of this plant. Chamomile bloom in the middle of summer. But you want to admire them all year. Then you need to make a nice little bouquet with your own hands and decorate the room interior with it. Today you will learn how to make daisies from ordinary printer paper. How exactly? You will learn from the detailed master class with step-by-step photos. For work you will need the following materials: - figure punch (little flower); - a sheet of white paper for a printer; - green wire for beadwork; - small yellow beads; - scissors; - awl; - dark green floral ribbon.
Flowers are very easy make using figure punch. Buy one that has more daisies. Take a white sheet of paper for the printer and make a lot of flowers. Just insert the sheet and press the button.
a lot of flowers
Now take the yellow small beads and the green thin wire.
 yellow small beads
Cut its length is 7-8 cm. In total, you need 15 pieces.
 thin wire
Put yellow beads on the middle of the piece and connect the ends.
 string beads
Now separate 6 flowers, fold them evenly and make a hole through all the sheets with an awl. Put the daisies on the wire.
 string flower
Put on the second bead below the flowers. To do this, you need to form a loop so that the two ends go into the hole from different sides.
Mini bouquet of daisies
Tighten the wire to secure the workpiece. Flower ready. According to this principle, it is necessary to form another 14 daisies.A total of 15 mini flowers come out.
 Mini bouquet of daisies
Take a miniature vase (a bottle of aroma oil or an empty bottle of perfume) and place a bouquet in it
 Mini bouquet of daisies
 Mini bouquet of daisies
If you connect all the small stalk and among themselves (it is enough to twist them all together) and wind them with a green floristic ribbon, you will get a beautiful bunch of daisies.
Mini bouquet of daisies
It can serve as a boutonniere for the groom's jacket, decorate an old barrette or be used as a brooch.
Mini bunch of daisies
If instead of a white paper you take a blue double-sided sheet, then a bouquet of daisies will turn into a composition of forget-me-nots. From pink you get a sprig of apple. So do not be afraid to experiment. Mini-bouquets, too, look very nice on the desktop.

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