Crafts made of beads are just fascinating. They make various ornaments, charms, animal figurines from small colored balls, pictures of beads of various subjects look original. An excellent decoration of home interior are crafts of plant subjects (beautiful flowers or graceful trees). Today you will learn how to make a miniature mimosa tree. The work is painstaking, it requires perseverance and concentration, but at the same time, beadwork helps to relieve nervous tension and, plunging headlong into the work, to distract from the daily routine. And the result will please not only you, but also guests of your apartment. To create mimosa from beads you need to prepare: - yellow, green and dark green beads (two packs of 25 g each);- two coils of fine wire (green and silver), plus a piece of thicker wire (aluminum); - floral ribbon (brown and green); - empty cream jar; - scissors; - plasticine.
 necessary materials
Step 1.First you need to cut a piece of silver wire (about 60 cm) and take the yellow beads. At this stage you will make a twig with flowers.
cut a piece of silver wire
Put some beads on the wire (up to 20 pieces).
 Put the beads on the wire
Separate 7 pieces and make a loop of wire, you get the first turn.
make a loop of wire
So continue to shape the turns of 7 beads.

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