Methods of restoring vision

Methods of restoring visionNowadays, not everyone can boast of an ideal vision. And the issue of treatment and improvement of vision is quite acute. We suggest you to consider the best techniques of well-known experts who are considered the best and effective.

Sight restoration according to Zhdanov

Methods of restoring vision
Pavel Georgievich Zhdanov is a leading specialist whose work is aimed at restoring and improving eyesight without surgery or painful procedures. Dr. Zhdanov claims that we form perfect vision thanks to the correct eye habits:

  1. you need to blink often and do not stay long on one subject;
  2. breathe evenly and deeply, train your pectoral muscles;
  3. look to distant objects, then to near ones;
  4. do not strain while looking at anything, do it easily and naturally;
  5. learn to relax and periodically just close your eyelids for a few seconds.

Here is an example of several of the simplest and most effective exercises on Zhdanov:
Methods of restoring vision

"Reducing the Eyes"

Take a pen or pencil, pull it out in front of you and slowly touch the nose. During the exercise, follow the tip of the pencil. Repeat several times.

"Far or near"

Look through the window, find the removed object (car, bush, pillar), carefully consider it, then look at the window frame. Repeat 3-4 times.

"Right left"

Take three deep breaths, during each move your eyes to the right, then repeat everything just to the left.

Gymnastics by Norbekov

Mirzakaima Norbekov’s exercises are based on Eastern principles of eye disease detection. The method consists in how the patient can "draw" with his eyes various shapes and lines. Accordingly, gymnastics is based on this.

"Up down"

Stand straight, relax, keep your head straight, slowly lift your eyes up and try to look as if you want to see your own head. Then lower your eyes, mentally try to see your own chin. Correctly performing this exercise, you can use a large number of nerve endings.

"The Clock"

The very name itself indicates what the exercise is about.Turn your eyes from one side to the side. Try to look as far as possible without turning your head.

«> Draw figure 8»

Carefully draw 8 eyes in the air, do not move at the same time. Take 2 times, then take a breather and again 2 times.
These are just a few exercises, more can be found in the book by Norbekov MS "The experience of a fool, or the Key to enlightenment: How to get rid of glasses."

Exercises for the eyes of Avetisov

Methods of restoring vision
Gymnastics consists of three groups of exercises:

  1. improves blood circulation and fluid flow inside the eye. To do this, 3-5 minutes quickly blink, then relax and repeat. The following exercise is already in slow blinking with a respite and a repetition;
  2. strengthen the eye muscles. "Draw" the eyes of the line up and down, right-left and in a circle;
  3. improve accommodation. We translate the eyes in turn to the near objects, then to the distant ones.


Dr. Bates technique

Methods of restoring vision
It was the Bates technique that formed the basis of the Zhdanov exercise complex. It is in great demand, and most importantly - it has proven effectiveness. Here are some examples of exercises:

  1. look at an object for a few seconds, then close your eyes and imagine an object brighter than it is;
  2. relax and imagine different bright colors for a few seconds;
  3. close your eyes, imagine a picture, and then add details and trivialities to it.

No matter what method you choose, the main thing is that it will help you to restore or improve your vision. In parallel with the exercises, you need to provide your eyes with proper nutrition, including liver, fish, dairy products, parsley juice, carrots, celery, chicory, spinach. Very useful for blueberry eyes. By adhering to all these tips, you will surely make your eyes healthier.

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