Melania Trump refused the natural fur

Trump's team continues to work on the perfect image of the first lady of the United States. And the next item of the mandatory program is the refusal of things from natural fur. So, sable fur coats, in which Melania Trump liked to wrap up, effectively dumping out of the car, or casually throwing on silk dresses, playing with textures, should be a thing of the past. At least for the duration of her stay in the White House.

melania-trump 1

melania-trump 5

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Beautiful - as we can see in the pictures - effectively, emphasizes wealth and position in society. But the title of the first lady of the United States obliges. In addition, the changes in Melania's wardrobe will help her new friend to move with dignity ... Pamela Anderson. The other day, the famous animal rights defender sent the first lady of the United States a gift - a fur coat from the Only Me brand (Russian, by the way) made of faux fur with the hope that she, like anyone else, will be able to influence the humane choice of many people. Melania thanked for the gift, promising that together they can inspire even more women to abandon the natural fur in favor of artificial.Let's see what happens, because Melania calls Jacqueline Kennedy her role model, and the one, as fashion history remembers, was not going to give up furs and spent a fortune on them.

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