Megan Markle has prepared an inheritance for his daughter

British tabloids continue to take bets when the duke and duchess of Sussex appear firstborn. But if Harry only shrugs off the question of children ("Not now. Someday, in the foreseeable future"), then Megan, as it turned out, has already prepared a legacy for his daughter.

Megan's 2005 interview appeared on the Web, which she gave to the American magazine Hello !. The conversation took place after the end of the second season of the series "Force Majeure", where the actress played a major role. In the conversation, she admitted that she loves wrist watches and, having completed the shooting, decided to pamper herself - acquired Cartier French Tank. On the back of the watch Megan made a touching engraving "M. M. from M. M. ”. “I hope one day I will pass on this watch to my daughter’s inheritance,” she said.

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