Meaning and interpretation of sleep: why dream of saving kittens

Kittens are creatures that cause fear and disgust in some people, and sympathy in others. Therefore, the values ​​of dreams can be very different from each other. In general, the image of a cat has a negative characteristic, but small creatures can promise something good.

Why dream of saving a kitten

Dreams, in which a person saves an animal, often have a positive interpretation. To save a drowning baby cat - to big profits. To save the animal from the gesture man - to the good news. If after the rescue it scratched you or bit you, be careful. Trouble and loss through your own fault await you. Flea, emaciated, thin and sick animals warn that you are too naive and trusting and can suffer from it.

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why dream of saving
Knowing why dreams of saving kittens can be planned in advance.

Sometimes such dreams suggest that you are acutely aware of your helplessness and you yourself need help and support.The problems are so serious that you can hardly cope on your own.

The value of the dream of saving kittens

If in a dream you saved your real pet, then you will have to worry about your loved ones. To save a real-life neighbor's seal - you will have to help others.

To fight for the life of an animal stuck in a narrow and inaccessible place is a warning sign. Some of the people you prefer not to mess with are in trouble and need your help.

The interpretation of the dream book, depending on the color of wool

Of great importance is the shade of animal fur. Red cat dreams of a profit, white - to pleasant acquaintances, smoky and blue - to well-being and comfort in the house, gray - to stability and a series of monotonous days.

Striped wool is a warning sign. Someone from your acquaintances or friends will do an act that will affect your reputation.

Tricolor wool says that you are too fussy, careless, do not know how to set priorities and make the right choice.

Of great importance are the details - the place, the actions, the shade of wool and other characteristics.Therefore, if the details of sleep escaped your attention, it is unlikely that the dream will be interpreted correctly.

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