Mariya Kozhevnikova

Biography of Maria Kozhevnikova

Now a 31-year-old young woman (born in 1988) is actively involved in social activities and manages to combine personal life and a deputy chair (Maria Kozhevnikova was elected as a deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the VI convocation).

The actress was born in the capital of Russia in 1988. She is a Scorpio by horoscope (birthday is November 14). Mom, Margarita, was engaged in teaching English, the father, Alexander, was more famous in sports circles - Honored Master of Sports and just a great hockey player. The girl wanted to imitate her parents, and she began to engage in artistic gymnastics.

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To the delight of mom and dad, Maria received a master class in this sport. In parallel, the girl is responsible for school - with a decent certificate she graduated from school. One thing made parents worry: all the problems that their daughter could not solve on their own, she hid inside. But she was not afraid to express her emotions on stage.

Having successfully passed the entrance exams in RATI, the girl already appears on the blue screen. In 2001 she participates in the work on the video of the group “Lyceum” (for the song “You will become an adult”). Musical abilities were useful to the girl to participate in the group "Love Stories". But Maria Kozhevnikova understands that this group will not exist for a long time, therefore she focuses on acting education.

The first role was the image of the secretary in the series about human rights activist Alexei Zimin - in the series “Lawyer-2” (in 2005). Then again a small role in the movie called “Ruble Live”, the wolf film. Replenishing the film library work in the "Traffic Policemen" and "Heartbreakers" did not bring the actress special recognition. Fame came after playing a silly female student who is trying to seduce rich men. The series Univer (about 3 years old) became one of the most famous projects on the creator channel. Embodied in the image of Alla Grishko, Maria Alexandrovna presented a type of frivolous student who wants to have fun and enrichment, with phenomenal similarity to modern “hunters” (2008–2011).

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But not only the audience remembered the play of the actress. In 2012, critics celebrate a film about contemporary youth, where the hero performed by Danila Kozlovsky, due to internal contradictions, overestimates his actions. The film "Dukhless" showed a typical beauty who knows the value of herself and her actions, while remaining cynical and bitchy (the girl of the main character is the model Elvira). Then Maria will appear in the series about the doctors (Sklifosovsky), in an adventure comedy film about the search for the Khan's treasure (“The Treasures of O. K. ..”). In 2015, a film about the women's battalion, which after preparation goes to the battle on July 9, 1917, appeared on the screen. Even the courage and fighting spirit of the leader Maria Bochkareva (performed by Aronova) does not save women.

Right in the frame, from the first double, long-haired beauties are sheared. The tears of the girls are real. Maria played here together with Marat Basharov, Evgeny Dyatlov, Irina Rakhmanova. In 2016, the premiere is expected of another film with the participation of the former gymnast - “Sport without Borders” (the main image is Nadezhda Smirnova). The actress also plays in the theater. In 2010, the premiere of the play “Kursantsky Blues” (the role of Ravena) and the 2012 play “Veronica decides to die” took place, where she appeared in the form of Coelho's main character, Veronica.

With Vladimir Efimov, Maria Kozhevnikova became a participant in a popular television project, performing tricks from aerial gymnastics (2015–2016, when the program was released). But the scene, music and sport are not the only talents of Muscovite.

Since 2011, the girl joined the ranks of the Young Guard of United Russia. Then she joined the board of trustees of the Zelenograd orphanage in the Moscow region. But the social and political activities of Maria Kozhevnikova did not end there. Masha is elected a deputy to the State Duma (2011), she became one of the initiators of amendments to the law on intellectual property. Maria Alexandrovna, when she was 30 years old, hit the top 100 most influential Russian women. The survey was conducted by well-known media representatives - "Echo of Moscow" and "Spark".

Now the actress and politician combines social work with family care.

Personal life

It is known that a girl could marry about 3 times. The first relationship with the filing of an application in the registry office tied the actress with Ilya Mitelman, a businessman and former lover of the scandalous socialite Ksenia Sobchak.

The star of "Univer" got acquainted with the future bridegroom at an event dedicated to the series.But even the official status of the bride and groom did not prevent the couple from leaving. Their friends claim that Ilya's jealousy was to blame for everything.

The second time, Maria Kozhevnikova could become the wife of the director of the Manezh Exhibition Center. The star's friend was chosen as a witness - a former participant in the reality show Victoria Bonya. But here, before the wedding did not come.

The girl met her future lawful spouse later, in 2011. The main man in her life was Yevgeny Vasilyev. He was married (2013). The romantic event took place in France (St. Nicholas Cathedral of Nice) in a circle of close people. In 2014, the couple became the parents of Ivan’s son, and a year later, Maria presented the spouse with another boy, Maxim. Boys - the same age.

The actress makes plans and dreams of playing the heroine of Dostoevsky - Aglaia. She has a lot of ideas.

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