"Manicure with bracelets" - nail-trend from Korea, which is worth trying

If you think that classic manicure is boring, take a look at the newest nail-trend from Korea, namely “manicure with bracelets”. The trend was first rated by blogger Alicia Yun, leaving a comment under the picture on Instagram: “This is fun, and, unlike other micro-trends, it looks beautiful. One drawback - a manicure needs to be done at least 2.5 hours. ” Yes, for an hour here, apparently, even the master will not manage: to get everything done, you need to stock up on rhinestones, beads, tiny metal chains, wires - what is enough for your imagination. If you decide and find time, you will first need to apply the base and lacquer, then with glue and tweezers to fix the selected small details on your nails, have patience - wait for everything to dry, and hope that the manicure will last as long as possible and survive washing dishes.

For inspiration, as always, you can use Instagram, where more than 150 pictures have already appeared on the #braceletnails hashtag.

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