Making of papier-mache an original dish for Easter eggs

You will need
  • - air balloon (2 pieces)
  • - old newspapers and magazines, school notebooks
  • - office paper (5-6 pieces)
  • - PVA glue
  • - acrylic paints
  • - brushes
  • - compass
  • - scissors
  • - sandpaper (medium and fine)
  • - crepe paper
  • - twigs
  • - pebbles (2-3 pieces)
  • - lacquer
Inflate one balloon. The second we need as a spare.
We tear into square pieces of a newspaper (magazines or notebooks). It is better if the paper for pasting will be of two types. Layers can be alternated and thus it will be clearly visible which places are stuck and which ones are not yet.
Paste the ball in six layers. After each applied layer leave the ball to dry. This will save time, since a thick layer of paper will dry for a very long time, it may take several days, but one layer dries in one hour.
Make a paper flagellum, glue it in the form of a ring to the wide part of the ball-the future of the egg.
Paste the ball in two or three layers with large pieces of white office paper.Pierce the ball so that all the air escapes from it and carefully remove it through the hole in the upper, narrow part of the egg. Glue the hole with paper. Make several layers to mask the hole.
Wait until the paper dries. Using scissors, cut a hole with a compass in the side of the socket. Cover the edges with white paper. To dry
The most laborious part of the work is behind. The most boring, but interesting work begins: the egg needs to be polished. Grind with light energetic movements, first with medium-sized sandpaper, then fine.
Remove dust from the ball and paint it in two layers. We paint both outside and inside.
Let's wait a little while the paint dries. Now we will put some drawings or patterns on the surface of the egg.
When the paint is completely dry, cover the egg with varnish and dry it.
Glue the pebbles to the bottom of the dish, spread out the twigs, grease with glue and throw in crepe paper.
In the resulting nest put the painted Easter eggs.

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