Making anime makeup with your own hands is easy!

Making anime makeup with your own hands is easyEvery year the fairy-tale world of anime attracts more and more fans. Almost every representative of the beautiful half of humanity wanted at least once in life to look like the heroines of popular Japanese cartoons (anime). And the reason is not only the unusual appearance of the heroines: big eyes, characteristic skin color, small nose, but also exotic appeal. To do this, do not necessarily go to a plastic surgeon, it is enough to apply anime makeup wisely.

Anime Style: Essence and Required Materials

The most memorable characteristic feature in any animated character anime are his eyes, they are often used in the display of the emotional state of the hero. And therefore the final image that you create depends on the color scale and other subtleties. But not all the girls are lucky enough to have slanting eyes, so it will be necessary to make some efforts to achieve the desired result.Next you will need to create a perfectly even skin tone, flawless underlined eyebrows, lush eyelashes of impressive length and small lips.

To create anime makeup you will need some cosmetics: voluminous black mascara, false eyelashes, a white soft and black pencil, a palette of shadows, a tonal basis, a proofreader, powder, brushes and some others.

Create anime makeup

It should be understood that only a bright image is best used for holidays (like New Year's carnival), and not in everyday life. Immediately it should be noted that it may take a long time to apply makeup - about one and a half hours.Making anime makeup with your own hands is easy

The first step is to equalize the tone of the face. Using concealer, mask all the existing irregularities of the skin of the face, including the circles under the eyes with a brush and foundation (you should take a lighter shade compared to the skin color). After that, powder your face.

When finished with the base, apply bronzing powder with smooth movements of the brush along the cheekbone line, moving from the ear to the central part of the face. Blend and smooth transitions. Put the same powder on your nose and make smooth lines.
Use a pencil or eye shadow to create the perfect eyebrow line.

Now we will make eyes, as in anime. To do this, you need to put the shadow of light, beige tones on the entire mobile eyelid. At the bottom you will apply a white pencil. Thus, your eyes will become visually larger and more open. Anime eye makeup is impossible without a thorough eyeliner. Here you need to look - whether to use a liquid eyeliner, or a black pencil - the only difference is how skillfully you use one or another tool.Making anime makeup with your own hands is easy

The peculiarity of applying eyeliner is that if it is applied to the upper eyelid, as usual, then you need to apply eyeliner to the lower eyelid below the level of eyelash growth, and not above. This way you can create the effect of incredibly large eyes. The arrows you draw are connected beyond the outer edge of the eye in the style of a swallow's tail. Next you will need dark shadows. With them you draw the crease between the fixed and moving eyelids. The bottom of this line is shaded by bright shadows below and merges with beige above.

The next step is the eyelashes. Make-up under the Japanese is impossible without careful work on each eyelash.That is why you need to take a black brasmatic with the effect of volume and paint over the eyelashes in several layers. Perhaps, in addition to simple staining you have to resort to false eyelashes.Making anime makeup with your own hands is easy

The last stage, without which your make-up in the style of Japanese cartoons will not be complete, is work on your lips. The lips of the anime heroines are always tiny, so if in the case of the eyes we worked on their visual increase, then we will reduce the lips. In order to achieve this effect, you need to resort to the help of foundation. Apply it to the entire surface of the lips and gently rub it with the help of fingertips. Then, in the center of the lips, apply a small amount of lipstick of the most gentle and calm shade. Voila, your tiny anime style sponges are ready!

As you can see, anime makeup is a snap. A bit of patience, a little careful work - and here, in the mirror, the real heroine of Japanese animated films will look. Follow our tips and amaze others with your eccentric appearance today, it's so easy. Keep in mind that this makeup is evening, so if you plan to go out of the house like this during the daytime, you should pay attention to less eccentric variations.

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