Makeup for gray-blue eyes


The Urban Dictionary (urban dictionary), which is popular on the Internet, is a user-visited web resource that records a variety of new words and slang expressions in modern English. It is surprising that on the linguistic site with a profile thematic focus posted a detailed article on the eyes of gray-blue color. The thesis definition, from which English-language content begins, suggests the following description: “Gray-blue eyes are full of sensuality and kindness. You dive into them and forget about everyday problems, losing the power of speech and ceasing to control your own emotions. ” The author of the article genuinely admires the girls with gray-blue eyes, “attributing” to them the mysterious charms, with the help of which you can master the male consciousness.

Makeup for gray-blue eyes

Indeed, the natural beauty of gray-blue eyes is a peculiar axiom that is not subject to doubt. However, some owners of this view do not know how to correctly use the genetic “artifact”, disrupting the harmony of the color palette using cosmetics.To do make-up at home, you need to possess a sufficient amount of specialized knowledge, hiding the flaws and showing others the advantages of their appearance. Girls with gray-blue eyes are enough to familiarize themselves with the basic principles of making up up to use the magic of their gaze to the fullest. The common recommendations of makeup artists for such women are mainly based on the compliance of cosmetics with the color of skin, hair and eyes. We must not forget about the goals pursued by the girl in creating a make up - it is pointless to argue that the functionalities of evening and everyday makeup are completely different. According to the above factors, the following makeup options are selected - eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.

Makeup for gray-blue eyes

Features of the choice of shadows and eyeliner

With the help of properly selected shadows, you have the opportunity to focus on the eyes in the make-up, giving expressiveness to the look. It should be noted that the use of cosmetics of various tonalities should be correlated with the rules of the "color wheel" - a table showing the features of the combination of the main shades in a wide color palette.Visually familiar with this pattern, you can decide on the colors of the shadows that match your appearance. Makeup artists advise choosing girls with gray-blue eyes cosmetics of the following shades:

gray (silver gray);
brown (except for older women with gray hair);
saturated blue;

It is important to consider the tone of the skin. Makeup artists claim that dark shades are best suited for dark women, and white-skinned girls prefer to choose cosmetics of light tonalities. For example, rich blue shadows emphasize the "heavenly" blue and the natural "depth" of the eyes, giving them expressiveness. To create a dramatic image should pay attention to the cosmetics silver, cobalt (turquoise) or purple hues. Professionals note that such tones will be indispensable in creating evening makeup - the main thing is to correctly combine the shadows of different colors. For blondes with big eyes, lavender and violet make-up options will become indispensable, harmoniously complementing the image of fair-haired blond women.

Makeup for gray-blue eyes

If you doubt the correctness of the choice made, hesitating between the shadows of "warm" and "cold" shades, it is recommended to conduct at home simple test. Apply shadows of a “cold” tone to the back of the hand of one hand, and “warm” tonality on the other. Do not look at the resulting shade, pay attention to the skin around the colored spot. On one hand, the skin will look gray and "lifeless", on the other - bright and saturated. Comparing the results, you will not be difficult to determine the choice of shadows.

For women with gray-blue eyes who are not afraid to experiment and regularly try different color combinations, makeup artists advise you to look at the shadows of the following shades:

copper or gold metallic;
silvery white;
"Warm" purple or saturated wine;
peach or apricot;
coral or terracotta.

The “warm” tones of the above shadows will harmoniously contrast with both the blue and gray of the girl’s eyes. To enhance the dramatic effect, apply a small layer of "silver" on top of the shadows.

Makeup for gray-blue eyes

If your task is to create a “smoky” and sexy make up of a femme fatale intriguing those around you, then use the following shadow options:

colors of wet asphalt;
rich metallic silver;
violet tonality.

To create a fatal image, baked eye shadows are suitable, which need to be applied with a dry applicator, creating a shimmering effect and a light haze. Such cosmetics make it possible to accentuate the attention of others on the "cold" color of the eyes. Black, coal, gray or dark plum variations of eyeliners used for the upper eyelid or the lower eyelash row are perfectly combined with such shadows. The use of a white eyeliner near the edge of the moving eyelid will allow you to achieve the opposite effect, creating the image of an innocent and sweet girl.

Makeup for gray-blue eyes

Makeup artists advise women with tanned or dark skin to use the following technique: acquire semi-dark shadows, the tonality of which coincides with the color of the skin; apply makeup on the upper eyelid up in the direction of the lash line, not bringing the brush to the eyebrows; in this area apply a lighter shade.This method will help you to hide the visually noticeable imperfections on the skin, among which the most visible veins are most common.

Using orange shadows in make-up, apply bright color on the upper eyelid, and use darker tones for eyeliner of the lower eyelid. This recommendation helps to hide your "fatigue" for others.

The effect of shining eyes, radiating happiness, joy and fun, can be achieved with the help of a contour pencil of sky-blue color. This tool allows you to shade the natural blue of the iris and the whiteness of the eyeball. Spend a thin, transparent line with a pencil, having previously designated the eye contour for yourself, and “wind up” it outside the outer corner, leaving no clear edge. Some make-up artists use blue-and-black contour pencils for their gray-blue eyes. This technique can not be called universal, because it is suitable only for brunettes. Blondes prefer to use pencils with a core of a lighter tonality. (1)

Features selection of mascaras

Black mascara is a universal option for girls with different color types.With the help of such cosmetics, you can easily "frame" the eyes, giving them expressiveness. It is not surprising that makeup artists advise girls to use mainly this version of the carcass. To create a daytime make-up, use makeup that lengthens your eyelashes, and for evening make up, choose mascara that lends volume.

It is important to note that the shadows should not be darker than the carcass - this is the unspoken rule of makeup artists, which should not be forgotten

For girls with fair skin, brown mascara is best suited, which is also combined with linen, wheat, light brown and red curls. A similar version of cosmetics looks on the face naturally, so those around you will not guess that you used a professional tool to increase the volume and length of the eyelashes.

Owners of gray-blue eyes, ready for experiments, can try in creating make-up blue mascara. It is in harmony with the image of fair-skinned women. Swarthy girls will have to first apply a black base on the eyelashes. After waiting for the drying of the base, you can apply mascara blue over black tone.If you do not like experiments with cosmetics in contrasting colors, then use a dark blue eyeliner, which will not match your everyday look, but will bring a bit of “piquancy” into the image. It should be noted that on girls with gray-blue eyes purple mascara with light tones of red, blue and pink shades looks spectacular.

Makeup for gray-blue eyes

Consistent Makeup Creation

Picking up the shadows, mascara, contour eyeliner, blush and lipstick, the tonality of which corresponds to the scale of the upcoming event, you can begin the process of applying makeup. Makeup artists recommend girls with gray-blue eyes to adhere to the following set of rules, with the help of which you will definitely achieve the desired result:

In the process of creating a make up, choose a foundation that matches your skin color type. First of all, with the help of fingers (point) put the base on the forehead, cheeks and chin. After completing the first step, take a makeup brush and distribute the base evenly over the entire face. One should not chaotically “swing” the instrument, adjusting movements on an intuitive level.In the forehead area, the brush should be moved from left to right, on cheeks - from top to bottom (from the center to the periphery), and on the chin - from side to side.
The choice of foundation or concealer also depends on the color type of your skin and the functional purpose of the makeup you create. It is not surprising that for the evening make up we will need one cosmetics, and for everyday makeup another. In order to avoid unpleasant sensations when applying the cream under the eyes, moisten the skin moisturizer beforehand. Apply the foundation need to dot, evenly distributing throughout the face. After the complex of uncomplicated movements is completed, lightly "pound" your fingers over the skin, podtaplivaya tone cream on the skin.
Powder must be applied only in a circular motion to make up it looks natural and natural.
If you are doing evening make-up, then pay attention to the "bronze" - cosmetics that mimic tan. With artificial lighting, the skin will look natural, without giving out the presence of an artificial substance on it. However, use similar cosmetics, which is applied to the face with a large fluffy brush,is recommended only in exceptional cases, because in a casual atmosphere, "bronzant" looks unnatural and "rude".

Makeup for gray-blue eyes

It is worth noting that the shadows are not rubbed into the eyelids by massaging movements, but are neatly superimposed on them. Primarily applied the basic tone, then shades, and lastly - shine or cosmetics with a flickering effect. After completing the above process, you can prepare the eyes for applying mascara.
Distribution on the face of blush is carried out with the help of a large fluffy brush, distinguished by a high level of density in the region of the hairs. With a wide smile, determine the most visible and prominent areas of the cheeks, putting on them the appropriate makeup.
Lipstick should be applied with "light", "tapping" movements, first on the lower lip, and then on the upper lip. After placing the coloring pigment, you need to touch your lips to each other to evenly distribute the lipstick. Gloss must be applied at the last stage of make up'a creation.

In order to keep the makeup unharmed in hot weather, makeup artists recommend that after applying cosmetics, wipe the face with an ice cube, fixing the result

Girls begin to show an interest in cosmetics from childhood, forming on a subconscious level the need for a daily make up to transform their appearance. Some women "sacrifice" free time, refusing to rest, to stand in front of a mirror with a cosmetics bag with the first rays of the sun. Avid fashionistas are closely watching the industry of "beauty" in order not to miss the appearance on the world stage of a new product. Not surprisingly, these girls spend on impressive amounts of impressive amounts of money. However, to realize the cherished dreams, creating the desired image, it is possible only after studying the theoretical part, which contains the "secrets" of applying cosmetics. If you ignore the advice of professional makeup artists, relying on their own intuition and taste, the result can shock not only the woman, but also the people around her.

Makeup for gray-blue eyes

As an epilogue, the words of the famous American comedian, writer and actor Steve Harvey, who shared the following thoughts in an interview with fans, are appropriate: “Women blindly believe that men accept them regardless of external data, turning a blind eye to many visual and personal flaws.Such a statement is groundless and far-fetched. Since childhood guys love everything bright and brilliant. If girls stop using make-up, build up nails and go in intriguing clothes, then men's interest will quickly disappear. You should not take a straightforward utterance of a humorist, going to the store for a new pair of shoes or making an appointment with a plastic surgeon. The American actor rather subtly hinted to women that even natural beauty requires a reverent attitude. That is why girls with gray-blue eyes, it is important to learn how to make "light" and natural makeup, preserving the magic and charm of their views.

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