DIY pump for CBO

Well, what is CBO, I think some have already guessed - this is a water cooling system. What is apump? - This is a pump that causes the coolant to circulate through the system. In the article I will tell one of the examples of a homemade pump.
The engine of our homemade pump is a cooler. I took the standard 60 mm. and for a current of 300 mA I advise for a normal result to take a 120mm cooler with a maximum current!
Perhaps we will begin. First,  breakofftheoutercasingandwings.Lookatthepicture.Thenwewilllayouton6partsinordertoglueourimpellerthen.
wewillcoatwithsealantorepoxyeverythingwherecan getin waterorcoolant,becauseourcoolerwillbecompletelyimmersedinliquid.Icuttheimpelleroutofthebluecapfromthehandle.Andstuck.Next,youneedtotakethevessel thediameterofourengineandattachittherewithglue.Seethephoto.Thewireiscoatedwithasealant.Wedoeverythingwithoutgaps.Fromaboveweglueatransparentcoverwithaholeinthecenter-thiswillbetheentranceofwater.Thetubewiththesideistheexit.

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