Madonna starred in a blatant ad for her cosmetics line

“Bitch, I'm Madonna!” - sings one of the most influential female musicians in the video clip of the same name, thereby claiming that she can do anything. And the words to the wind while not throwing: passionately kiss Britney Spears right during the joint performance? Easily. To sparkle on the stage with bare buttocks in response to the threats of the Pope to excommunicate her? Happened and such. Madonna can forgive a lot - in the end, in addition to talent, fans love her just for her courage and outrageous. Recently, the 59-year-old singer presented her MDNA Skin cosmetics line in the US - and so that the novelty didn’t pass by potential buyers, she decided to tease the public with a trick in her usual style: she personally appeared in a provocative advertising campaign a la BDSM.

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