Madonna criticized for excessive enthusiasm Botox

Madonna is one of the few celebrities who never seriously denied visits to plastic surgeons and cosmetologists. All of us are, after all, adults and we understand that natural beauty is a very loose concept. If you follow the measure and do not turn into a living wax statue, no one will ever accuse you of wanting to reduce the number of wrinkles, so why hide from someone? Madonna did not conceal that she was a fan of the famous “King of Botox” Frederick Brandt, to whom all of Hollywood went for a new face. What only the singer did not get up with her appearance! And the fans forgave everything their darling, but the other day they could not stand it and again criticized her for being too passionate about “beauty shots”.

Madonna posted on Instagram a black and white video on which she sings with a guitar at home: "Between the Bars by Elliott Smith ... I play my favorite song while everyone is sleeping."And if some admirers admired first of all her musical talent, then all the others spoke mainly about the appearance of the singer, and, moreover, extremely categorically. Instagram users have noticed that the face of Madonna looks unnatural: it is too tight, almost devoid of facial expressions, so that she hardly opens her mouth, and in general looks like a mask. However, the 59-year-old star is not the first to cope with a flurry of criticism - whoever says anything, she always did and will act in her own way. That, in general, is also quite a wise decision.

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