Mackerel rolls on the grill

Who among us does not like a tasty greasy fish cooked on fire? Even the most fastidious in food will not give up this wonderful dish. Juicy fish with a slight smell and taste of smoke and crispy crust. Real jam! The aroma of this dish will turn your head, and from the fullness of the taste you will simply remain ecstatic.


- mackerel - four fish; - soy sauce - five hundred milliliters - spices to taste; - boiled water at room temperature.
Mackerel rolls on the grill
The fish must be gutted. It is better to do this while it is frozen, then it will be much easier to remove the insides. Do not forget to remove the fins. Well washed and waiting, when the defrost finally.
Mackerel rolls on the brazier
When the fish carcasses have become soft, divide them into two parts along, cut the fillet, carefully separating the filet part from the ridge.It should look something like the photo.
Mackerel rolls on the grill
Put the finished fillet into deep dishes (small saucepan, three-liter jar). Prepare a kind of marinade. To do this, dilute soy sauce with boiled water at room temperature, so that the salt resembled your taste. It is better to make a little salty, the taste of fish from this will only get better. Completely fill the finished fillet with marinade so that the carcasses are completely closed and we endure for two hours. Mackerel rolls on the grill
After the fish fillet has been pickled, the marinade is drained, and the inside of the fillet is greased with spices in a small amount.
Rolls of mackerel on the grill
Seasoning the fillets with a roll. Then, holding the roll tightly so that it does not unwind, we place it on the skewer as shown in the photo. Rolls of mackerel on the grill We shift the skewers with pickled and seasoned rolls of mackerel to the brazier already warmed and with well-burned coals.During cooking, try to turn as often as possible. div>

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