Luxury holiday in unknown Kefalonia

For all those who like to relax in Greece, you can safely go to the island of Kefalonia, mysterious and majestic, which is very cozy located in the middle of the Ionian Sea. This place is not included in the top of the most popular places for tourism, however, there really is something to see and do.

This is a real find for beach lovers, here you can relax on the cleanest and most secluded beaches, as well as visit very lively places where it is easy to get a fun company. Kefalonia is the land of romantic bays, picturesque coast, amazing and mysterious caves, as well as wondrous nature.

By giving the name of the island received from the mythological hero Kefal, who took him into possession and gave him his name. It is believed that it is from him that the famous king Odysseus, who lived on the territory of the nearby Ithaca island, is born.

According to another legend, Kefalonia got its name in honor of the Kefalus rock, by the way, it was from here where the bankers and the rich owners of the ships came.One way or another, today Kefalonia is truly a heavenly place and that adds to its special charm, unknown to the broad masses of tourism. But for a chic holiday here has it all! And the warm climate, and good beaches, and plenty of opportunities for an exciting holiday.

How to get there and when to go?

The hottest time on the island is July and the beginning of August, at which time the air temperature can reach its maximum, around 35 °. It is believed that the best period for rest is from May to October, although if you go to Kefalonia not for a beach holiday, you can go there in early spring or late autumn.

The winters are quite mild, the lowest temperatures are around + 5 °, rainy and windless enough. The water in the sea never sinks too low, on average, its level is about 20-25 °.

The easiest way to get to the island is from Athens, you can do it by plane using local flights, in the summer season Kefalonia airport began to accept international charter flights, for example, from Moscow.

If you are interested in boat trips, then you can get to the island and the sea from other Greek islands, the journey time will be only 1.5-2.5 hours. The last option is to go by bus from Athens, there are such flights that go through Patra, crossing the sea ferry.

Where to stay?

On the island there are plenty of various tourist hotels and hotels, where everyone can find what suits him at the price and according to the option of accommodation. As a rule, the indicated star level of local hotels corresponds to the system operating throughout Europe.

In addition, comfortable apartments are rented, including on the first beach line: here you can fall asleep to the lulling sound of the surf and the smell of salt water. Here you can also meet charming fishing villages with their indescribable flavor and local romance, to rent a room in them will not be difficult.

Excursions and activities

In Kefalonia, for the curious tourist there are many interesting routes and tours that affect the most amazing and impressive places of the island. The average cost of excursions ranges from $ 50-300, where you can enjoy the magnificent and most outstanding places of the resort.

For example, the most famous landmark is the Monastery of St.George, who is called the patron saint of the whole island. The fortress was erected on an elevation of 320 km above the sea, therefore, if you climb, then there opens a magnificent panoramic view of the whole island, literally buried in a carpet of greenery.

Lovers of ancient wonders may like the Venetian castle, which can be found in the picturesque village of Assos. The majestic castle seems to have just disappeared from the pages of fairy tales about brave knights and princesses, it’s really worth seeing and making a couple of interesting photos.

It is worth to visit the holy religious places, here in the existing old monasteries you can see unique altars, rare icon-painting, as well as various ritual attributes. One of these is the monastery of St. Gerasimus, which is one of the most revered by the Greeks themselves.

It is impossible not to note the natural sights of Kefalonia, outlandish places, on the creation of which Mother Nature herself worked. The Drogarati Cave, which was formed at a depth of 60 meters after a powerful earthquake in 1963, is especially popular.

Since then, she has collected a large number of spectators inside herself, each of whom wants to appreciate the full scale of the stone painting with a height of 20 meters.Separately, I would like to remind about the beaches of the island: they do not look like the standard resorts of Turkey or Egypt. The most famous is Myrtos, which is protected from the winds by mighty sheer cliffs and is famous for its waters with shades of celestial glaze.

If you dream to visit a real fairy tale, relax on good beaches and enjoy nature in full, then go to Kefalonia - a place where dreams come true.

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