Luxurious white color in our interior

Interior design is a rather complicated task. Many people think that it is simple and easy, but to choose the optimal color, you need to know the characteristics of the room. In addition, it is important to know the beneficial combinations of shades and to be able to use tones appropriate. And how to decorate the interior in classic white?

For fans of cleanliness

The benefits of white

Many underestimate the importance of white, but in vain. Its use has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Such color, undoubtedly, will make the room brighter. So if the light in the room practically does not fall, then stick the white wallpaper.
  • This color will allow you to visually enlarge a small room and make it more spacious. The walls will literally expand, and the ceiling will rise.
  • This shade involves a lot of textures and forms.
  • White color is classic and never goes out of fashion.
  • It can fit into any style, both classic and modern.
  • White combines with almost all colors.
  • This is a great backdrop for catchy and bright details.

But there is one drawback of this shade: it is quite marks. But here you can find a way out. So, buy a moisture-proof wallpaper and wash them periodically. Furniture may have removable covers. Laminate flooring is easy to clean. So everything is fixable.

What does white symbolize?

White for many is associated with purity, innocence, freshness. And so, the interior will be fresh and at the same time soothing.

For a large room

And what do Feng Shui followers think about this color? It symbolizes honesty, purity of the intentions of a person, his striving for the highest. Also, white can lead to strive for rigor, for the ideal. But if the whole room is blindingly white, then the residents may feel restless in it.


Light and dark

Oddly enough, the interior of the apartment in white color may suggest different shades. Here are the options:

  • Soft white (ivory color). This shade will help to relax and calm down. It involves the use of soft and natural textures and textures: fabrics, stone, wood, leather.
  • Neutral white - cream. It has a light yellowish tint. This option will be perfectly combined with brown, coffee, sand, beige tones.You will get a calm classic interior.
  • Cold white is a whip-white, snow-white. Such colors are quite bright and sharp, they are more suitable for modern style and are combined with metallic tones.

What colors does it match?

We offer several of the most successful combinations:

  • Shades of brown. This includes all the tones from light sand to a hint of dark chocolate. These combinations can be called noble and rather soft. The living room in such colors will be very comfortable.
  • White can be successfully distinguished with gray. Surprisingly, all this will not look gloomy. On the contrary, such an interior literally comes to life, but remains at the same time calm and discreet.
  • Love bright colors? Then use red or orange. Most often, white in this case acts as a background, and in bright colors the furniture and details are made, but some act in a different way.
  • Violet color will add chic, elegance and originality to the room. A more calm lilac may be suitable for a bedroom or even a children's room.
  • Want to freshen up the room and make it "tasty"? Use green. This combination is suitable for a bathroom or kitchen.
  • If the room is small, then you can choose blue or blue color, this will expand the space and make the room airy and light.
  • Black-and-white color is a pretty bold choice. It is catchy and bright. Such a room will cheer and excite thoughts. This option may be suitable, for example, for a kitchen or bathroom. Cheeky and bold decision would be a chess floor. In addition, black large drawings on a white background look bright and original.

How to use?

Timeless classics

We offer to consider each room separately:

  1. Bathroom. You can experiment a bit. For example, purchase white glossy sanitary ware, and decorate the walls, floor and ceiling in a different shade. It can be black or dark blue.
  2. Bedroom. In this room we spend a lot of time, fall asleep and wake up, so choose a more relaxed combination. For example, a white bed will look good on a gray floor (on a carpet or parquet). The walls can also be white, and dilute them with some large-sized pattern, for example, a panel, a painting or an appliqué. On the bed scatter gray pillows, they will complement the interior. Other pieces of furniture can be black.
  3. The kitchen can be fresh and original, for example, if you make the walls bright, for example, orange or green. Countertops and appliances while choosing white. You can dilute all this with metal lines. And you can do the opposite, by making the background a background and adding bright details of the interior. But here's a completely white kitchen - it's quite boring.
  4. Living room. Dreaming of a chic white sofa? Buy it! Bright pillows will help to dilute white. The ceiling can also be white, but the walls and the floor are better decorated in other colors, so that the sofa does not merge with them and was a bright and original accent of the room. Do not forget the chairs. Spread a carpet by the sofa that matches the color of the interior, but differs in the shade of this color (you can match it to the pillows). You can make the living room bright by diluting white with green or, for example, blue. And comfort will add noble brown shades, they also fit perfectly into this room.
  5. So that the white corridor did not look like a hospital one, decorate it with bright details. It can be stickers on the walls, panels or paintings.

Helpful Tips

Stylish interior

Some useful recommendations:

  • You can use a variety of textures of the same color, this will save the range and at the same time revive the design of the room, make it more original.
  • Do not interfere with each other cold and warm shades, this combination is not correct and successful. Move in one direction: either warm tones or cold.
  • Think well over the lighting design. First, select a shade of light. Remember that the yellow light can kill all the uniqueness of white, crush this color and turn it into a completely different - pale yellow. And with blue light you will feel uncomfortable, as if in a hospital. The best option is daylight. You can make one accent in the form of a chandelier (it is better to lower it a little from the ceiling) or to disperse the flow around the perimeter of the room by providing several spot built-in lights, wall or floor. Do not overdo it, because white scatters light!
  • Refresh the interior will help bright details. It can be statues, paintings and other decorative elements. But do not overdo it, otherwise the white behind all the ornaments and motley may be lost.
  • Also, do not use too many shades in the interior.Three or four (along with white) will be quite enough. Otherwise, you will create an effect of confusion and variegation, which is unacceptable for white.

Bright colors decorate the room.

If you learn how to correctly use white color in interior design, you can make your apartment (or house) spacious, cozy and at the same time original and chic.

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