Low-calorie foods: are they exactly healthy?

A well-known nutritionist inspires readers to cook juicy “like a mom” from low-fat cottage cheese, sugar substitute and amaranth flour. A blogger who is slightly obsessed with healthy eating convinces readers that cauliflower puree is no different from potato. Myriads of the same type of instagram divs with beautiful bodies tell about their cognitive dissonance: they don’t understand why people eat sugar at all, if there are sugar substitutes in the world.

And I see in the words of enthusiastic lovers of such "proper nutrition" a certain amount of hypocrisy. I do not believe them.
Vegans who have gone on a vegetable diet and talk about how delicious the dessert is made from whipped coconut milk with lemon zest and slightly frozen banana, I believe. Taste buds otherwise perceive food even after a short period of abandonment of industrial sweets with a huge amount of sugar.In addition, an increase in the proportion of fiber in the diet has a good effect on health (unless you have chronic diseases of the intestine or pancreas).

Low-calorie foods: are they exactly healthy?

I also believe those who talk about how simple food tastes — Azerbaijani tomatoes with coarse salt, buckwheat with olive oil, or a piece of sea-fish baked in the oven. If you listen to your needs, it turns out that you don’t want pizza at all every day. Much more often the body asks for normal food, especially if it is not in chronic stress and does not suffer from constant anxiety - other mechanisms come into play when the body settings go into the “emergency” mode and it becomes difficult to satisfy subtle needs for different vitamins and micronutrients . The body needs heavy artillery - sweet and fat, so that dopamine is produced, so that anxiety can be appeased and somehow a stressful situation can be experienced.

And those who are so diligently trying to convince others that the dessert made from water, gelatin and stevia is very tasty and useful, they lie. And that's why.
It seems to me that they desperately miss the very desserts of industrial production, for the preparation of which buckets of sugar and cans of trashy fat are used.They dream about the cake "Napoleon", which is prepared by their mother: it was impossible to eat more than half of this delicacy piece, but this dessert is strongly associated with the warmth and safety of the parental nest. They can not forget that divine taste eclair from the confectionery shop opposite the university, where they studied several years ago.

They desperately want their diet to remain the same as before the era of a healthy lifestyle. They dream of Russian salad, and they dream of Prague at night. And these are people of great willpower, because every day there is something you cannot tolerate: lettuce and low-fat cottage cheese, dry chicken breast without salt, and chia seeds, reminiscent of nasal mucus in consistency, is a real feat. Fans of "cakes in PP" and the inventors of "dietary tiramisu" - strong in spirit, but unhappy and dependent on the opinions of people around them. It is tasteless for them to have this unrefined meal, so popular among the supporters of the HLS. Their soul asks for sausages, dumplings, and sugar, more sugar. Therefore, “cake made from hay, straw and stevia” and other similar delights become the only legal way to imagine for a minute that the poor people eat what they want.

Low-calorie foods: are they exactly healthy?

It would seem, well, you dream shawarma of a tent near the house, so eat it and calm down. But if you embarked on the path of a healthy lifestyle and publicly announced this on social networks, it is not so easy to eat shawarma. Conscience and imaginary reprimand of subscribers stop such unfortunate athletes and force the brain to come up with a “healthy alternative”, although pita bread with vegetables and a piece of chicken is not such a harmful food. I suspect it's not just about the calorie content of your favorite dishes.

Take, for example, the same recipe juicier with stevia and low-fat cottage cheese. The finished dish will turn out to be not much “easier” in energy value than its high-calorie “twin”. Or "diet" salad Olivier, where mayonnaise is replaced with Greek yogurt, and beef - with chicken breast. A plate of ordinary Olivier with a teaspoon of mayonnaise is not so different in calories from the “dietary fellow” and a serious difference can happen only if the dieting lady eats a bucket of such a salad inside. "Recipes for proper nutrition" is an effective way of extracting money from anxious people. They certainly need someone to teach what is possible and what is not.This is a great illusion of control over your desires, needs and your body.

Also, the questions are raised by the sweetener, praised by supporters of the healthy lifespan. A person feels the sweet taste of such a "snag", which gives a return insulin release. And there is nothing to be disposed of into the cells, there is no glucose. If such “idle shots” of insulin occur repeatedly, carbohydrate metabolism can be seriously disturbed, including the formation of diabetes

Research supports this hypothesis: neurotic avoidance of sugar and craze for substitutes increase the risk of diabetes. There are data on the carcinogenicity of some sweeteners. However, this information requires more in-depth research.

However, in the light of the above facts, the question arises: what is more useful: a cup of tea with a spoonful of sugar or the same drink with a bag of sugar substitute? There is no definite answer. Moderate amounts of sugar (according to WHO, about six teaspoons a day) will not hurt the figure, will not affect the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases. In other words, it is wiser to eat a piece of napoleo or another dessert and not try to fool your body.WHO calls for reducing sugar consumption, but this does not mean a recommendation to go insane and make a painful fixation on the search for "white death" on packages of any food!

If you dream about a cake for months, but try to outwit yourself with "dessert from water, cocoa beans, sucralose and branches, so similar to a chocolate muffin", the matter will end with finding yourself on a holiday eating an entire cake somewhere in a secluded corner after the first glass of wine, which will weaken the control of the prefrontal cortex; the brain will force the body yearning for sugar to break loose.

That is why I consider "pn-desserts" to lie to ourselves and the impasse on the way to a healthy lifestyle. If you add the "food yeast with the flavor of cheese" to pasta instead of real cheese with the persistence of a maniac, this means that you are missing cheese. Eat a pizza, do not die from a couple of pieces of bread with cheese and tomatoes. If you are shaking your hands in a hurry to save another recipe for "low-calorie pancakes without sugar, salt, gluten, eggs and milk" - this means that you just want pancakes. So eat them instead of building whole locks of psychological defenses in your head.

Low-calorie foods: are they exactly healthy?

There is a lot of delicious food in the world. A little ciabatta with cream cheese sprinkled with fresh blueberries is a dessert full of different flavors, perfect for sweetness. A piece of cake sugar made from margarine and half a pail is not in any way comparable, provided that you don’t give this cake any other meanings: for example, if it was the cake you decided to buy from your family for the holidays You associate with family warmth and joyful events. Maybe it is with this cake that you are accustomed to seize lack of sleep, negative experiences, or it is this dessert that you eat from boredom under coffee with colleagues - then, probably, this is not just a sweet, but a bad habit in which the notorious hodgepodge of sugar, flour and fat plays the main role role. What to do with such problems, when food becomes a ritual or a method of calm, the therapist will tell. However, replacing “harmful with useful” will not help here. You should not do with your priceless organism as a stupid cattle, which is that straw with stevia, that fruit biscuit is all one.

The ideal diet for each person is different.However, no organism feels the need for dubious dishes with an abundance of “tricks” of taste buds and stomach volume fillers, in order not to feel hunger signals for a long time.

You can find out your real needs if you honestly admit yourself to them. Even if this is a “shameful” desire to eat ice cream from the fast food chain. Eat, finally, this ice cream. Try other desserts. You still can not eat only ice cream all day long - you want a carrot salad, or a boiled egg, or a glass of kefir. Finding your ideal diet is not easy. Therefore, it is not worth further complicating this task with “unreal” food.

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