List of best cheap eye shadows

Eye shadows help to give depth to the look and to emphasize the eyes, making them more fascinating. And, in order to find the suitable shadows that you want to use with pleasure, you should approach the issue of choosing decorative tools with great responsibility.

How to choose?

Around the eyes, the skin is more sensitive, and these areas often tend to be allergic, so it is important to choose such cosmetics with a certain care, focusing on the main criteria. Makeup artists advise to pay attention to such factors as brand recognition, durability, texture and, of course, color.

Products of little-known manufacturers should not be purchased, so as not to be disappointed in quality and not to damage your health. Decorative products of different brands have different persistence - some eye shadows remain bright throughout the day, while others can last only a few hours.The texture can be liquid, powdery, creamy and crumbly, and the number of shades in the palette varies from company to company. As a rule, options with more colors are appreciated more.

Not everyone has the opportunity to buy expensive cosmetics, but budget shadows can be of high quality. In this article you will learn what inexpensive shade you can safely buy. So let's start our review.

Rimmel Glam`Eyes Color Rush Quad Eye Shadow

Powdery texture makes it easy to apply the shadow. Thanks to a wet applicator, the required intensity is achieved. In one palette there are 4 colors that are suitable for both day and evening makeup. Within 10 hours, these eyeshadows will be guaranteed to retain their color without crumbling.

Vivienne Sabo Duo Jeter du Chic

For those who like the makeup Smokey-Aiz, this option is ideal. The palette of modest sizes contains 2 colors, the texture is powdery. The product of French production is quite inexpensive, the price is only about 200 rubles. Shadows are not showered for a long time, if desired, they can be applied wet.

To achieve the desired color saturation, several layers must be applied.Consistency is milder than that of ordinary shadows. The composition is well shaded, remarkably pigmented, it does not need to be rubbed during application. A pleasant color palette will be suitable for any makeup.

BeYu Color Catch Eye Palette

Easily superimposed, well shaded. Textures such as satin, radiant, matte and with a sparkling sheen are offered. The product is recommended for sensitive eyes, in its manufacture parabens and fragrances are not used, only the highest quality raw materials are used.

Essence quattro

This is another quartet of interesting running shades, both satin and matte finishes are offered. Shadows of German production are conveniently typed on the brush and sponge, do not roll down for 12 hours, they are easily shaded.

Another advantage is uniform overlapping. Due to its properties, this cosmetic product is a favorite of every fashionista. It is recommended to use shadows after applying the base.

Divage smoky eyes

This is an excellent choice for owners of supersensitive skin. Thanks to a special formula and a fine texture, the shadows provide the skin with a soft, gentle care, which is ideal for dry skin types. Apply as gently as possible, well shaded, due to the powdery base.

The palette includes a rich palette of shades that are perfect for makeup of any style. Using high-quality shadows, you can easily achieve the enchanting effect of alluring smoke. And the budget price does not affect the quality at all.

Max Factor Color Perfection Duo

These shadows can be effectively used as eyeliner, the contour will be clear. The texture is slightly silky, which allows for easy application and wet, and dry method. Shadows for a long time retain the brightness of the color and do not roll down.

The 2 running colors presented in the palette harmoniously interact with each other, and thanks to the Light & Silky formula you can easily mix the shades to get the desired color. Shadows are really good, you can be sure that they will not lose their original state for a long time.

Maybelline EyeStudio Smoky Eyes

The proposed palette will be an excellent choice for those who like Smoky Eyes. The formula contains coal pigments that determine the stability of a saturated hue and make the eyes more expressive. A harmonious transition from light to dark is possible due to the soft texture. Professional palette allows you to get a seductive evening makeup, which will be persistent for 10 hours.

Eva Mosaic Fashion Look

Shadows boast their remarkable color rendering properties. They can be used in make-up every day due to the presence in the composition of useful vitamin E and caring components. The palette includes 3 running colors, which easily fall on the eyelids and show a lasting effect for up to 12 hours.

Thanks to the rich texture, you can experiment with many styles of makeup. Shadows are well applied and layered. They retain their original appearance for a long time, without slipping or falling. This is an excellent tool for creating a wide variety of images. The best shadows for the best girls!

Yves Saint Laurent Full metal Shadow

These liquid shadows are repeatedly recommended by popular bloggers. The color palette of this line is characterized by a metallic sheen, which makes the makeup even more refined.

The product has an airy, gentle texture, for a more comfortable application there is a slightly curved applicator, with which it is very convenient to apply shadows arrows.

In order to apply 2 layers, after the first one, you should wait a little until it dries completely. This will get an incredible effect.During application you will feel a slight chill on the skin, which will soon disappear. Shadows do not grow dull and are spent ergonomically.

What you need to remember?

When choosing the appropriate option, consider that the flickering effect is not appropriate for age-related makeup, since such shadows will make visible even the smallest wrinkles. In case of irregular use of shadows, refrain from buying cosmetics with a short shelf life. Typically, consumption is very economical, and in case of a certain time, the skin can react with allergies and rashes.

Not every representative of the weaker sex resorts to the use of shadows when creating makeup, but only this important element allows you to achieve a visual increase in the eyes and helps to make the look more expressive.

Therefore, the use of this tool will always be in your hand. Try your favorite cheap shadows, and you will notice how your image will change. Fortunately, among the abundance of budget proposals, you can find a lot of great quality shadows.

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