Tie the beach dress of Elegria

Beach dress Elegiya- knit crochet wonderful summer dress for the beach.

Materials and tools:

  1. Diva yarn (100% mic ­acrylicfiber,350m/100g)-250gdark&​​shy;blue,10grwhite;
  2. hook number 2;
  3. 80 cm hat gum.


  1. rev. - air loop;
  2. Art. c / n - double crochet.

Pattern Description


Knitting description

Bottom of the dress

Knit from top to bottom. Recruit a chain of 180 sur. p., closes the ring and knit in the circle of art. s / n 5 cm. Then we increase: every 17th century, in 18th column, we knit 2 articles each. s / n and so on until the end of the circle. Then we knit another 5 cm without additions and reductions. Then we knit the pattern according to the scheme 1 38 cm, finish the work. We take a hat gum and tie it into the belt of the resulting skirt.

Top of the dress

Knit from the top of the skirt. We divide the skirt in half, add another 10 cm on each side and knit a grid pattern as follows: * 5 vozd. Clause 1 of Art. s / n *, repeat * - * until the end of the row. The next row of knit similarly.From the second row we begin to decrease one rapport from each side. We continue to reduce until the width of the front end reaches 33 cm in width and 22 cm in height.

Next, knit the bodice of the dress. To do this, dial a chain of 17 air. p. and knit each cup according to scheme 2.


Sew the resulting cups in the middle and neatly sew to the grid. On the sides we perform ties in the form of laces 48 cm long. We introduce a hook into the upper point of the bodice and weave a thread in 4 rows of straps in the shape of a lace 50 cm long. We tie the inner side of the bodice with a string of white color with 5-tier veins. s / n The bottom of the dress is tied with a border according to scheme 3.

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