Laugh on the problems! Nine chic jokes to resolve the problems!

Mood would always be at its best if it were not for these omnipresent problems. As annoying insects, they can simply annoy or already really enrage. But do we know how to solve any problems quickly and irrevocably? Of course, sit on the windowsill with some coffee and marshmallows!


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Who says it is not fashionable? Who says vanilla has long grown and does not fit on window sills? Such a holiday is very much in the trend, especially today! While there was still plenty of vanilla, by the way, they even signed up for themselves on March 2 - this is the official Day of sitting on the windowsill (as far as this can be official).

So, coffee in hand, ass - in a pledik, and let's go and sill the window sills! Well, to solve problems faster, and the mood itself creeping up - here you have a selection of chic jokes.

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