Knitted things from Russian designers for a cool summer

This is not the hottest summer knitwear is simply irreplaceable, and its meek character gets along well with all the upstarts of the season - midi skirts, culottes, high-waisted jeans. In addition to a pleasant palette, you are waiting for a perfect fit from these things - so that it will not get bristled or collected by an accordion anywhere. Today, you won't have to look for the coolest knitwear all over the city: the range of beautiful basic things is presented in all its glory. Especially in the stores of our designers.

Present Simple Tricot

In the collections of the young brand Present Simple Tricot, it is easy to find the most diverse knitwear: from voluminous V-neck sweaters to seductive off-shoulder tops. The production of the brand is located in Moscow, but the yarn is used strictly Italian - with it, allergies are excluded. Each item from the collection - a cardigan or top - may be useful to your wardrobe and not to contradict it.In the company they are asked for convenient lofers or siphons, as well as a straw hat and a ticket for the ship.

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The Russian brand is already well known for its “grandmother's” cardigans and touching sweaters, as if from Soviet films. These things do not “pretend” to be French or romantic, they are very literal and charming in their honesty. You can still get hold of the palette: complex colors and meaningful shades will pleasantly dilute the monochrome wardrobe. Of unconditional must-have - top vest with braids and basic sweaters of large knitting. It seems that just such we wore in childhood.

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For the past fifteen years, the Russian brand Totti has been producing knitted hats in the Moscow region. This season was distinguished by the premiere collection of basic knitwear, which marked the brand's entry to a new level. Things are made of thick Italian viscose, which easily adapts to the weather. There are laconic rim dresses, voluminous cardigans, turtlenecks and, of course, sweaters. The palette will surely receive its audience award: beige, gray, black, milky, scarlet, pastel blue in all its glory.

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Things from which you do not really want to get out right now, so in the fall, belong to the Rosol brand. The main focus is on creating the perfect volumetric turtleneck. This you could easily borrow from a boyfriend, but now you know where to look for a very successful analog. Primary colors are black, gray and beige. Perhaps these products are not as spectacular as those of previous brands in the review, but still the base is the base to be something calm and neutral.

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And here is the brand with a different look at jersey, more passionate and provocative. 7ka uses expensive materials - cashmere, Australian merino wool, soft cotton. The famous hit of the brand is a long cardigan with fragments of paintings by famous artists. The “sevens” cardigans do not have open seams: things are constructed according to special patterns, which allows to avoid the appearance of unnecessary additional volume.

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