Kinotavr-2016: 6 films worth seeing

From 6 to 13 June in Sochi there is a festival "Kinotavr". Among all Russian paintings, the film “The Apprentice” by Kirill Serebrennikov is in a special place. The world premiere of The Apprentice took place in Cannes, which recently passed by, and the Russian premiere took place on the Black Sea coast.

In total, there are fourteen full-length films in the competition program. It seems that this year the review took the responsibility of discovering new talents: more than half - nine pictures of the competition - directing debuts. The main themes of the films selected for the competition are loneliness, crisis, depression, social and personal pessimism. We carefully looked at the films that are shown at the Kinotavr, and decided which of them would not spoil our mood.

“Petersburg. Only for love"

Film-opening of the festival "Kinotavr-2016", not participating in the competition program. The authors of this declaration of love for St. Petersburg were seven women directors who told seven stories about the city dear to the heart: Avdotya Smirnova, Natalia Nazarova, Oksana Bychkova, Aksinya Gogh, Natalya Kudryashova, Anna Parmas,Renata Litvinova.

The author of each kinonovella speaks about the city in its own way. Smirnova includes proprietary irony, Litvinova - mannerism, Bychkova - sincerity.

This movie is cute scenes in the entourage of a beautiful city without any claims or promises. No wonder “Petersburg. Only out of love "removed intelligent women.

Shot from the film "Petersburg. Only for love"

"Pupil", Kirill Serebrennikov

The screen version of the play “(M) Student”, which Serebrennikov put on the stage of the “Gogol Center”, has already been met very warmly in Cannes.

A dramatic farce is played out in school decorations: a high school student, a religious fanatic, is beginning to change the world around him, as he thinks, for the better. He quotes the Bible, forces to cancel open swimsuits in the school pool and preaches with terrible force. The pupil is played by the young Mkhatovets Pyotr Skvortsov, his mother is Julia Aug, the liberal biologist is Victoria Isakova.

“Lights of a big village”, Ilya Teacher

The 24-year-old Ilya Uchitel, a recent graduate of VGIK, (Alexey Uchitel's son) became, figuratively speaking, the native Xavier Dolan, the youngest member of Kinotavr.

Ilya brought to the show a village farce about the projectionist Fedya, who decided to make a movie,so that spectators poured into the provincial cinema "Rodina", which because of the unprofitability they plan to turn into a store. To begin with, Fyodor is determined with the star of the new show: he kidnaps the extremely indignant artist Dmitry Dyuzhev.

In this film about cinema there is no share of aesthetic bullying of the nose, but there is a desire for a dream, like the fishermen in Don McKellar's "Big Scam", and charming creative madness, as in "Rewind" by Michel Gondry.

Shot from the movie “The Fires of a Big Village”

"Collector", Alexey Krasovsky

On the "Kinotavr" will be two paintings, built on the iconic actors. In the drama "After You" Anna Matison, another genius, this time ballet, plays Sergey Bezrukov. In the “Collector” in the center, all the time, the character of Konstantin Khabensky.

Arthur is an experienced collector, a master of his craft, able to convince a person in a few minutes to repay a debt. He skillfully manipulates people, arranges cynical provocations, but one day he is a victim: he is being blackmailed by the wife of a man who committed suicide because of his trolling ...

"Dream Fish", Anton Bilzho

39-year-old Roman comes to the resort town to work in silence: edit an encyclopedia written by a world-famous professor. But a sudden burst of love mixes all his cards.

Anton Bilzho, who had previously shot short films, raised money for a large meter through crowdfunding and removed a light, ironic story about a little man who might be capable of much.

Starring Anton shot Vladimir Mishukov, Severy Yanushauskaite, known for Melikyanovskaya "Star", Maxim Vitorgan and father, famous cartoonist Andrei Bilzho.

"The house is rented with all the inconveniences", Vera Storozheva

Comedy about the rest of the Russian sea, which is June 13, will close the "Kinotavr". In the film adaptation of Masha Traub's short story “A House in the South”, three lonely girlfriends (Irina Pegova, Svetlana Khodchenkova and Victoria Isakova) rent a house on the Black Sea coast, but they aren’t going out alone. There is a grandmother, a former teacher with rigid principles (Nina Dvorzhetskaya), a man with a pregnant wife (Vladimir Vdovichenkov) and a bunch of children.

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