Kim Kardashian celebrates her wedding anniversary with Kanye West

Four years ago (and it seems that only yesterday!) Kim Kardashian and Kanye West staged a fabulous wedding ceremony in Florence, and it looked no worse than the recent wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markl. The festive attire for Kim, as well as for the Duchess of Sussex, was created by the Givenchy fashion house, which was personally developed by the creative director of the brand Ricardo Tishi, the place of celebration was buried in snow-white colors, and the newlyweds did not forget about the gilded carriage. In short, every time the anniversary of Kimi has something to remember! And, of course, she also does not forget to congratulate her with the memorable date of her beloved wife.

“Thank you, baby, for giving me a family and taking care of us so much. Thank you for inspiring me every day. I was really lucky. Happy anniversary! ”- wrote a star of a reality show on Instagram, sharing an unpublished wedding photo with subscribers.

Publication from Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian)24 May 2018 at 6:11 pdt

Interestingly, someone remembers that before meeting with Kanye Kim, in general, twice she managed to be married? At 19, she fled to Las Vegas to sign with a successful music producer Damon Thomas. In this marriage, Kim officially spent four years, although on the third the couple had problems: the girl sued her husband, who was ten years older than her, and, according to Kim, constantly staged scenes of jealousy (and sometimes even raised her hands on her ).

Having got rid of the short-tempered Damon, a graduate of the Catholic school for a long time kept away from the altar, but in 2011, she decided to try her luck again - this time with basketball player Chris Humphreys. However, after 72 days Kim filed for divorce, explaining that she made a mistake. Offended, Chris pulled off the signing of the papers for another two years, while Kim, already meeting with Kanye, did not find that she was pregnant with North. Well, what happened next, you already know ...

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