Keyboard receiver

Keyboard receiverToday, few people can be surprised by the TV with the ability to access the Internet. Now the television receiver is not only a means of displaying the broadcast TV channels over the air. The development of microprocessor technology in the direction of miniaturization and increase in speed allows equipping TV equipment with new and new features. So new TV models can “go to the Internet”, show videos from the popular YouTube server, you can use them to view your email, and even communicate via Skype.


All this concerns the new TV models, at a time when the population still has a lot of TVs purchased a year or more ago, without the possibilities described above.


In this case, to acquire a new television receiver, for the sake of Internet access, is unwise. After all, the TV itself performs its primary task - shows the TV channels. If the question arose how to enter the Internet using the TV screen, and you still will not get a new one, then the best solution would be to get a media extender. You can buy a media player with Internet access, and you can do it even easier.Recently, satellite receivers equipped with software based on Linux OS have long been transferred from the category of only elite and expensive models. Today you can purchase a receiver with Linux on board already for less than $ 100. At the same time, they, like their dear colleagues, can play the role of media player and provide access to various Internet services.


It's one thing when you decided to watch videos on the You Tube service and quite another thing, to surf the Internet. If you decide to write a letter using Internet access through your satellite receiver and television as a monitor, then using the standard keyboard of the satellite receiver remote control, on which several letters of the alphabet are assigned to the numeric keys, you will spend a lot of time and effort. To type one word, you have to press a total of 10 buttons many times in order to get the desired letters as a result.


Today we will talk about the TWK keyboard from Galaxy Innovations. Unlike similar models supplied for Optibox Amiko receivers, this keyboard has russified buttons, which is quite important when writing letters.The keyboard is powered by a built-in battery, its type and other characteristics are unknown, as the keyboard is sealed. Replacing the battery is possible, but since there is no cover on the case, one can only guess what the lithium-ion cell is worth. Recharging is carried out through the mini USB connector from both the satellite receiver and from any computer. To increase battery life, a mechanical power switch is provided on the left side of the case. Which, before using the keyboard, must be moved to the working position, and then remember to turn off the keyboard after use, for example, at night,


In the upper end of the keyboard is a compartment in which only an external radio module is installed for transportation. The module is connected to the standard USB connector of a computer or receiver. When connected to a computer, the system detects it as a standard keyboard. Receivers based on Linux OS has its own software and drivers for keyboards. Therefore, you do not need to configure anything, both in the receiver and in the computer. Simply pull the radio module out of the keyboard and plug it into the device you want to work with.

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