Keeping warm: 28 ideas for a cozy interior

As soon as the frosts make themselves felt, we immediately want to get a fluffy warm blanket. And not only to wrap himself in it, but also to cover the whole house with a cozy bedcover! We tell, with what shades and elements of decor, you can create additional comfort in the apartment.

It is not a secret for anyone that volumetric knitted or fur accessories and decorative elements are able to breathe heat into any interior, even made in the reserved Scandinavian style. How to enter such interior items correctly and what shades are better to choose in order to make the atmosphere in the house warmer and more comfortable - in the Woman`s Day compilation.

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Photo: Getty Images

To make your home a little warmer, it is not necessary to spend fabulous funds and order super-equipped equipment. A little ingenuity is enough, and you look at things in a completely different light. For example, nothing prevents you from making a sofa (and a bed) with a soft knitted or fur cover, add a few suitable decorative pillows and replace the tablecloth with an openwork shawl on the table.In addition, not only knitted home accessories, but also ... furniture are in fashion now. Therefore, if you once skillfully knitted socks, mittens or even sweaters on the needles, it's time to remember your passion and make an original knitted pouf or a clock (yes, there are those!), Patchwork blankets, embroidered pictures or openwork curtains . This will not only give the house an extra charm, but also emphasize your individuality. And do not be afraid to use colors! Bright cheerful shades can revive any interior and save you from the blues.

Another little trick. If your windows face south, then choose thick curtains of bright shades (yellow, brown, golden). The morning sun will warm them up perfectly from the outside, and your room will be filled with warmth in the truest sense of the word. But for those with windows facing north, we advise you to choose curtains of light beige shades. In this case, the lack of lighting will be almost solved.

And do not overlook the gifts of nature. Renew the interior will help branches with dried rosehips and dried flowers, dried lavender (plus a delicate aroma and a great helper in the fight against moths), decorated pumpkins, crafts and compositions of citrus, nuts and winter spices.In this case, you are provided with not only comfort and coziness, but also a warming delicate aroma.

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On the picture:1. Ceiling, goose feathers and tripod for floor lamp, Westwing,7350and4650rubles. 2. Mug knitted477rubles ( 3. Knitted pots CLOAK,1030rubles ( 4. Mugs for hot drinks, Crate & Barrel, price on request. 5. Cushion cover, H & M Home,1299rubles. 6. Plaid knitted, Zara Home,6599rubles. 7. Marbella Sugar Bowl, DG Home,2500rubles. 8. Decorative candlestick “Bellon”, Deco Home,5260rubles. 9. Electric floor heating SOLELEC, REHAU, price on request. 10. Sheepskin slippers PEGEN, IKEA,249rubles. 11. The chair99120rubles ( 12. Round ottoman cylinder, Missoni Home, near33200rubles. 13. Shaped candle aromatic LUGGA, IKEA,499rubles. 14. Cylindrical candle, Zara Home,899rubles.

The focus is on natural materials. Carpets, natural hides, wood and wool blankets will create extra warmth, and you will want to leave your home as little as possible.

As for the lack of sun and light, bright hues will help to cope with this. For example, it is worth adding accessories and elements of yellow color, which not only energizes, gives a feeling of warmth, but also cures for seasonal depression. This shade is ideal for the living room, office or children's room.

To add not only visual, but also real heat, as well as to protect yourself during the cold period, you can purchase additional appliances for heating. For example, in a children's room or bathroom, you can choose an electric floor heating system, which is fairly easy to place under any type of floor covering (ceramic tile, natural stone, laminate, parquet, linoleum, and even carpet). Or you can take a closer look at modern fan heaters, which evenly warm up the space and at the same time do not dry the air. However, in any case, you should focus on your feelings, because first of all you should be warm and comfortable in your own home.

Photo: archive of press services

On the picture:1. Painting on canvas Champ De Mars, Westwing,13500rubles. 2. Bamboo Chimes Pendant Light,8190rubles ( 3. Desktop clock “Knitted”,1360rubles ( 4. Knitted cushion cover, H & M Home,649rubles (at a discount). 5. Heater WINKLER, Living,3300rubles. 6. Egg Chair, DG Home,63000rubles. 7. Sconce in the form of a sink LIGHTING, MAITLAND SMITH,38726rubles ( 8. Bamboo fiber towel set,1590rubles ( 9. Lavender dried Crimean,370rubles ( 10. Knitted pouf Loft,6825rubles ( 11. Carpet with a golden print, Zara Home,34999rubles. 12. Thermocup knitted,1495rubles ( 13.Dyson fan heater,29990rubles. 14. Knitted plaid, Crate & Barrel, price on request.

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