Katie Price scared everybody with a tan

Model Katie Price decided to try on her new tool for tanning. The results of the experiment she posted on Twitter, causing a storm of emotions.
Katie Price (Katie Price)
Katie Price.
Photo: Archives of press services

Katie Price (Katie Price) posted the photo on Twitter immediately after it applied a new tanning tool, created by her friend Lauren Goodger. The model looked like it made a mask of dark chocolate or rolled in the mud. Looking at the brown spots on the face and neck of the model, it seems as if she saw cosmetics for the first time in her life and does not know how to use it at all.

In fact, everything was different. Girlfriend Katie Price - TV presenter Loren Goodger has created a line of tanning tools. The novelty is easy to use: the agent must first be applied to the skin with a thick layer and washed off after a while. The effect should manifest itself the next morning. However, Katie, seeing herself in the mirror after applying tanning, was so merry that she could not resist and posted the photo on Twitter.

The deed of the model could be a real anti-advertisement for the novelty, but Lauren also turned out to be a girl with a sense of humor and appreciated the friend's joke.However, not all stars are ready to look ridiculous for the sake of laughter.

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