Karly Kloss spends holidays with princess Beatrice and friend Megan Markle

Carly Closs decided to take a little distraction from programming and filming for glossy magazines and went to rest in Jordan. Together with the supermodel, an extremely colorful company went to see an oriental fairy tale: her boyfriend Joshua Kushner, singer Elli Golding with her knight-art dealer Kaspar Jopling, American actress Nora Kirkpatrick with her husband-director Brin Moozer, star fashion designer and close friend Megan Markle Misha Nona and even ... 29-year-old Princess Beatrice of York.

How did the cousin of the princes William and Harry find themselves in the same boat (more precisely, a jeep) with artists and models? It's very simple: Ellie Golding met the girl when she performed at the wedding of Keith Middleton and Prince William in 2011 (by the way, at the same time the media started talking about the novel of the royal throne and singer, but before the official confirmation of the relationship did not reach).Boyfriend Ellie Caspar Jopling knows William, Harry and Beatrice from even earlier: he worked at Eton College, where members of the royal family studied. Where Carly is familiar with princess Beatrice is another question. However, they were often seen together at social events: apparently, the girls are friends and have been communicating for a long time.

In her Instagram, Kloss has already managed to share with her subscribers pictorial pictures of the ancient rock city of Peter and photos from a quad safari in the Wadi Rum desert, more like a Martian landscape. But the lazy beach holiday cheerful company does not favor: where it is more comfortable evening gatherings at the fire.

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