Justin Bieber found a replacement for Selene Gomez?

While poor girl Selena Gomez is fighting off offensive comments about excess weight that appeared on social networks after the singer’s vacation photos were published in Sydney, her former (or current - we’re confused at what stage of the relationship with this couple) boyfriend Justin Bieber, it seems, not going to stand up for her. At least according to the tabloids, he is having a great time in West Hollywood in the company of another ...

Just before Justin was seen leaving the fashionable nightclub The Roxy, which was a concert of Craig David, along with a mysterious companion. According to visitors, the whole evening they embraced in the VIP-zone, and after leaving the club in an embrace. If the rumors are confirmed, it is not so Justin and wanted to return Selena, as his friends assured. We are waiting for details, but for now we are watching the gossipers trying to figure out a stranger. They say she could become a novice model Baskin Champion, in the past "Miss Alabama", who was also that night in the club and who is very similar to the girl,accompanying Justin. We looked at Baskin on Instagram, and there are no pictures with Justin, as well as a photo report from a Craig David concert. But Selene definitely has something to worry about.

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