Jennifer Garner teaches kids life on the farm

Jennifer Garner spent a happy childhood in a small town in West Virginia and is now trying to make her children know the joy of a simple life. "I want them to know that their grandparents are happy and free at their farm in Oklahoma," the 46-year-old actress told Southern Living magazine. “And I want them to know that not many things are needed for happiness.”

Garner added that when she moved to New York at age 23, her hand "nearly fell off" from the fact that she waved to every familiar person she met on the way - so she was raised. "I am a native of the South, and I will always feel a connection with this land," Jen confessed. - I think all the time: how can I enrich the experience of my children who are used to city life? How to convey to them the feeling of simplicity, tranquility, freedom that I experienced myself and my parents experienced? I have only one answer: bring them to grandparents often and show that life can be different. ”

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