Jennifer Aniston gained weight for a new role

Jennifer Aniston has a busy shooting schedule. For the first time since “Friends”, she is preparing to star in the series (together with Reese Witherspoon will take part in a television project dedicated to the morning TV show). She also started shooting in the film adaptation of the novel by the American writer Julie Murphy “Pyshka” about a girl with no model parameters at all, which bravely decides to participate in a beauty contest. The film was directed by Anne Fletcher (“The Proposal”), and Jen got the role of the mother of the main character, who won the beauty contest in the past, and in a real housewife in a quiet suburb who hasn't looked at the scales for a long time, she likes highlights and colorful skirts. To reliably get used to the role, Jennifer, as we can see in the first shots from the set, had to gain three kilograms and for a while say goodbye to her usual way of sexy beauty.

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