It turns out that such a miracle can be built from simple boards. A great idea for a garden

  • Hope

    Most of all I liked the garden pyramid. In it, sharp corners are hidden inside. I do not like sharp corners. On my site I make beautiful round beds, and it is very easy and simple:

  • Anonymous

    Cute And it heats up quickly. But it dries out very much. If you have the opportunity to water often - normally. If not, everything will dry up.

  • There are many things, but there's not much use.

  • Anonymous

    Uh-uh ... And the fact that the shadow side of the sensible does not grow anything - is it also brilliant? Or maybe it's stupid?

    • Diana

      Where have you seen that the shadow side has no vegetation? Everywhere everything is growing. There are even special plants for shade! Perhaps bloom will not be so pronounced, but will grow. And the sunny sides compensate disadvantages

    • Anonymous

      Twist the type of carousel ... turn a couple of times a day .. and fitness and plants benefit

  • Anonymous

    make a spinning type of carousel and there is no problem with the shadow

  • Sergei

    Great! Where can I see drawings, layouts for parts and used tools?

  • Paul

    For a lazy parasite, everything will be uncomfortable and not beautiful, but for the initiative, it is a good idea to express yourself and please the surrounding family and friends.

  • Anonymous

    Aha, passed! In winter, all the strawberries there povymerzet. Idea to the detriment of meaning.

  • Elena

    These vertical pyramids are only for annuals. on the north side, the berries ripen poorly, often watering. and in winter the strawberries will freeze. I so planted about 20 years ago - was disappointed ....

  • qawdrg

    "It turns out that such a miracle can be built from simple boards ..." - To go nuts !!! But why?

  • Michael

    About 30 years ago, my father built such a thing, but she did not justify his labors.

  • Anonymous


  • Guest №1

    A chicken-feed. In winter, everything will die out, the boards will rot in 3-4 years. No matter how handled. This is the idea of ​​a crocheted designer.

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