It can not be: two-year-old daughter Timati went to school

It seems that granny is determined to grow a prodigy.

The rapper’s daughter’s life is followed with no less interest than his own. Judge for yourself - the account in Instagram, which is led by Timati's mom, is followed by more than two million people. And it is unlikely because they are so interested in the life of Simone Yakovlevna herself. Rather, the reason is that almost all the posts are devoted to the upbringing of Alice, the daughter of Timati and his ex-wife, Alena Shishkova.

The next recording simply excited the rapper fans: Simona Yakovlevna announced that Alice was going ... to school! But the girl is only two years old. Well, almost three is Alice’s birthday on March 19th.

Feb 2 2017 at 6:50 PST

Grandmother Simone said that she was very worried when making such a responsible decision.

“I didn’t sleep two nights ...” she shared with subscribers.

Then Simona Yakovlevna decided that because of her excessive anxiety, it was all the worse for her and for the girl.

“You can always back up without harming the child,” explained Alice’s grandmother.

Subscribers are worried - isn't it too early? “Why deprive a child of childhood?” The excited choir of comments boomed. “Yes, surely this is not an ordinary school, but a special one, for the early development of children,” the analytically tuned subscribers logically suggested. In general, they argued and discussed for a long time - there were more than a thousand comments. That is about two times more than usual.

Well, it seems to us that such a tremulous grandmother as Simona Yakovlevna will not really do anything stupid. And since she managed to raise such a successful guy as Timati, then with her granddaughter she will succeed.

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