Is it possible to quit without working off?

Olga Lysenko
Olga Lysenko
January 23, 2013
Is it possible to quit without working off?

Labor relations today are well developed. To regulate these very relations, a separate branch of civil law was created - labor law. It is the labor code that requires advance notification of the employer about the employee’s desire to leave work. As a rule, the application for resignation is submitted within two weeks before the date of the real termination of the work activity. But, as from any other rule of law, there are exceptions to this too. So is it possible to quit without working off, if it is urgently necessary to terminate all labor relations with the employer without detriment to yourself?

Civil labor law is more focused on protecting the rights of workers than employers. This is a reliable clue if you want to quit without training.

How to quit on the day of application

The most peaceful way of dismissal is the agreement of the parties. The fact is that Article 77 of the Labor Code of Russia permits the dismissal of an employee on the day the application is submitted,if such a peace agreement was reached between him and his employer and none of the parties have any complaints about this. Thus, before looking for roundabout ways, it is recommended to simply try to agree with the personnel department on the peaceful dismissal at will. In addition, the resigning employee may recommend a replacement. So the employer will not be at a loss, and the employee will be able to provide the work of his friend, for example.

Even quitting without working out allows, and become Article 80 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. Its text lists the factors that allow retirement on the day of application, but there must be good reasons for this (admission to the university, access to social benefits, violation of the law by the employer, and other factors). Also, a good reason will be recognized and moving to another location of the employee or his family members, transfer to another job in another locality of the employee’s spouse, the impossibility of living an employee in the locality for health reasons, call for active military service.

Dismissal of an employee within three days

Domestic labor law provides for several opportunities for dismissing an employee in just three days.Thus, Article 71 of the TKRF allows you to quit during a probationary period of just three days.

Also, Article 292 allows you to quit if the term of the employment contract is two months or the reduction of staff is made. In addition, Article 296 allows for dismissal if an employee is involved in seasonal work.

These are the options for dismissal without testing exist at the moment.

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