Is it a shame to have a housekeeper

And it is strange, it seems that there are women's duties, but as it comes to men’s duties, it’s revealed that not every man is obliged, for example, to be able to fix plumbing equipment or to assemble shelves in a dressing room. And sometimes it’s scary not even that it can’t cope, but that which will make it even worse: either it will break the tile with a perforator, then it will burst the pipe even more.

Help hands

That is why no one asks, it turns out that the cabinet was assembled by pros with a surcharge, and a specially trained electrician was picking at the dashboard. So why then the housekeeper in most modern families causes such a negative male reaction? The first category of men shouts that theft will be the inevitable retribution for clean floors. But this problem can be solved in several ways. For example, use the services of only official cleaning companies or look for an assistant thanks to the recommendations of friends. Then the incomprehensible lady Gertrude, who is “cheaper” per square meter takes, will not leave only bare walls in your house.

Is it a shame to have a housekeeper

But what a sin to conceal, men are not always to blame for the fact that the woman almost folds her teeth onto the shelf, but cuddle the shelves on the shelves and shove the freshly twisted chops into the oven, literally on the last breath. It happens that the stereotypical upbringing of a girl, who is always obliged to be careful and economical, will constantly pursue and, long ago, an adult careerist. Because since childhood, they were burdened with duties around the house: you need to clean the potatoes for the soup, you should wash the floors in the room, while you barely complain to your brother - you shoved toys under the bed with your feet, already good! Such a gender division of responsibilities terribly puts pressure even on an adult adequate person, sometimes shaping his behavioral responses. Simply put, in such a family, when even a husband is not against paying for the services of a housemaid, a woman is still ashamed that she is unable to cope with her own duties. Say, work is work, and get out, be good, have time.

Meanwhile, the work that takes away the strength, the presence of a couple of three karapuz can very well become a weighty reason for wanting to have help, and there is nothing criminal in such an internal urge!

Whose wallet is paying

It is quite another thing when there are simply no additional funds for the services of a cleaning lady in your family. For example, a husband does not pull a family, and a woman spends her blood on kefir and loans - that's what you do in a similar situation? There is only one way out - to call for responsibility the non-pulling comrade, in the sense of what to connect to the cleaning process. If the spouses work and earn money in the same way, then just the “purely feminine process” cannot just be used - everything is fair! And if you work to stupidly, disappearing for days at the career table, the initiative is exclusively female, while the poor fellow and his wife are pulling, and most of the expenses on his shoulders are laid, then you will have to recall the responsibility of the woman. In this case, it will be absolutely normal if it is the spouse with the help of his wallet who will solve everyday problems or look for another job with less workload. Spouse why should suffer? He fulfills his security duties in the male part, which means that he has the right to a home dose of love and care from a loving wife, and not to the constantly bad mood of her tired spouse, her eternal absence at home and semi-finished products instead of borscht according to her mother's recipe. Otherwise, it usually ends badly.

Is it a shame to have a housekeeper

By the way, cooking, for example, in American practice is considered an obligatory prerogative of the wife. That is, someone else's woman can wash the floor, but to cook your husband - no, no. Americans sincerely believe that the energy of love is transmitted through the dishes, and if you are not in a restaurant, but at a home-made dinner table, then it turns out that this absolutely alien woman is caressing your husband. Believing in such a theory or not is everyone’s business, but in the States there really is a betrayal practice with governess and the coming chefs, and so now the American women try to at least take care of the children and put their own shoulders on their own shoulders .

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